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Another Day, another dollar

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Another Day, another dollar

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:37 pm

“Walkin’ into Merlotte’s to start my shift. Just ain’t the same without Terry here.*

Mumbling under my breath, “Fuckin’ Grandmama of his. I heard her askin’ if I was a boy or a girl. Wouldn’t that ol’ bitch like to know.”

Going down the hall into the kitchen, seeing there was already a line of tickets waitin’ on me. Grabbin’ the first one and throwin’ fries in a basket. Then I remembered showin’ Terry how to dip his body just right when he dropped ‘em.

In Terry’s honor, I did my best sexy ass dip when I put those fries in the basket.

Turning around to the flat top grill, I muttered, “Gonna have to talk to Sam ‘bout hirin’ a replacement for Terry sooner or later. If that mofo thinks I’m gonna do this shit all by m’self, he be crazier than I figgered.”

Looking over at the pass through window – “I just got here! Keep your panties on!” Damn – these fuckers must think I’m magical or sumpin’ – give me a minute already.

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