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Who is Willa Burrell?

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Who is Willa Burrell?

Post by Willa Burrell on Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:15 pm

Willa Burrell was the only daughter of Governor Truman Burrell. She graduated from Tulane University and moved back home to work for her father with his campaign. Her father began hating vampires when her mother had an affair with one. Willa wanted to move with her mother and new stepfather when she left but her father would not allow that to happen. From that moment, he latched onto his daughter as being the one person that he truly had left. The fear of losing her, caused him to become over protective and smother her.

When her father launched his anti vampire campaign, Willa began to lose a lot of respect for him. She is a very peace loving person and hates everything that her father stood for at that time. She sees vampires as people that have every right to exist and have a place within the world. Her father's stance on vampires, also causes her to be a prime target for violence simply because of who she is. This causes her father to never allow her to leave or even live without being surrounded by guards.

Willa was taken prisoner by Eric Northman. His immediate plan was simply to kill her but, when she reveals that she has valuable information about her father's plans, he takes her with him to Fangtasia where she is threatened. Putting on a brave face, she tells Eric everything that she knows. Eric decides to use Willa as leverage and brings her with him to Ginger's home; there, he contacts the governor and uses Willa as a bargaining chip.

Believing that Willa should not be used as a pawn in this war, Tara steals Willa and attempts to bring her back to her father; where she believes she belongs. Bringing Willa to a small amusement park, she tells her to go home before being summoned by Pam and revealing to them Willa's last known location.

Wanting only to help, Willa stays at the park knowing that Eric will appear looking for her. She tells Eric that she wants to help vampires and agrees to be turned by Eric. Once she has been turned and fed, Eric sends her back to her father telling her to show Truman that vampires are not the monsters that he believes them to be.

Returning to her father, she tells Truman to stop persecuting her and her kind. She begins to make headway in convincing Truman but loses control when she smells the blood coming from a wound on Truman's and and attacks him. This causes Sarah Newlin to shoot Willa and insist that Truman send her to the vampire death camp. Reluctantly, he agrees but states that he will bring Willa himself.

Once she is at the vampire camp, Willa is placed in solitary confinement; due to her relationship to Truman Burrell. Eventually she speaks to her father and convinces him to allow her in general population where she can be with her own kind and learn what she needs to know about being a vampire.

After Eric is brought into the camp and Nora is injected with a deadly form of Hepatitis called HEP-V; he summons Willa. Getting a crash course in glamouring from Tara, she gets to Eric and helps him and Nora escape the camp. Willa stays behind to warn Pam and Tara about the HEP-V being placed in the TruBlood and distributed among the vampire population.

Willa is placed in the sunroom after she refuses to drink the TruBlood. Eventually, she and the other vampires are saved from the sun by Bill Compton allowing them to feed from him. This allows them to daywalk. Overjoyed, they go back to Bill's house to have a party.

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