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Inside Violet's Mind

Violet Mazurski
Violet Mazurski

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Sexual Inside Violet's Mind

Post by Violet Mazurski on Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:16 pm

"The world is falling down around us", "This is the worst it has ever been", "I've never seen it so bad"

*Violet shook her head at the comments being made. Each and every time something bad happened nowadays, she would hear the screams and cries of the humans around her, even some newbie vampires would go screaming around like pansy asses. Those fucking cowards, don't know what bad is. She wished they would have been around 800 years ago, and tried to survive that time period. Sure things can get frightening, but don't fucking piss all over the place each and every time. Man the fuck up and face it head on.

She never once thought that she would give in or back down, not even when it felt like the pits of hell were pulling at her and calling her. She kicked the fucking devil in his motherfucking face and moved on. She fought back when it was necessary, and most of her life it had been necessary. Her past had been rough to say the least. Her family was devoted to Catholicism, the hard fucking shit, not the current shit. What they went through and the beliefs have stuck with her, and she wouldn't lose that no matter how old she was. No one could forget that.

She had traveled for so long, making a name for herself, and that was when she had been caught. She laid low in the prison, she didn't want prying ears to know who she really was, but then he fucking walked in and her true nature was damn shown. She had claimed a human for her own, Jason Stackhouse. This sexy ass, fucking delicious human. He had the worst of luck, being thrown into a room full of starving vampires, and she took the opportunity to push her power. She let her presence be known.

Violet wasn't some simple vampire, she wasn't some run of the mill supernatural. She was old, one of the oldest, and the power in her one little finger outweighed that of the group she had been staying with in the prison. She had stayed quiet for the most part, until Jason stepped in. Something about him called to her, or maybe it was the fact that she could take him as her own and no one could stop her. She wasn't certain, all she knew now was that he was fucking hers and everyone would know it. Anyone even attempting to pull him away from her would die instantly. She had no damn trouble getting her hands dirty or telling her fucking mind. After all this time of being alive, why should she hide her thoughts? She shouldn't and wouldn't ever hide what or who she was. She had tried to do so for so very long, when vampires weren't known about, and that would no longer happen. She was Violet Mazurski, a damn Catholic, old fucking vampire, and for anyone who stepped in her way; she was their worst fucking nightmare come true.*

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