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Insomnia is not my friend

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Insomnia is not my friend

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:08 am

Lyin' in bed, tossin' and turnin'.  Can't sleep.  There's too much rattlin' around in my head,  Why can't fuckin' dead humans stay dead and not keep me awake at night tryin' to talk to every Tom, Dick, and Fuckin' Harry?

Rolling over and punchin' my pillow.  As if things weren't bad enough.

Lemme see - there's one less cook at Merlotte's.  Damn Terry, why'd you have to go and die, you stupid sumbitch.

Then's there's fangers walkin' in daylight - or at least they were.  There's some sick fangers, and all other sorts of weird shit going down.

Sitting up in bed - "Dammit, you all shut up and lemme sleep!"

Gettin' up - I needs to chillax.  Firin' up a blunt.  Hopin' this'll help.  Sure as hell cain't hurt none.

Insomnia is not my friend Large

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