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Life Matters...

Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie Stackhouse

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Sexual Life Matters...

Post by Sookie Stackhouse on Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:19 am

I can't go yet. I can't do this. I'm not ready. I'm not ready to say good bye.

-Arlene's words ran through her head over and over again. And they were perfectly logical. Saying goodbye to the someone that you loved was never easy; she would know, seeing as how she said goodbye to almost everyone she had met. And in that moment, she knew what she had to do.-

I have something I wanna say.

-you could hear a pin drop. There were no thoughts, no birds singing, nothing. It was dead silent. But only for a moment. As she stepped up to the podium, her heart started to race and goosebumps prickled her flesh. How did she do this? Her biggest fear was about to take place; she could take vampires, and faeries, and anything else that came at her. But this, saying what she really was, was daunting.-

Hi. I'm not real comfortable talkin' in front of people, but I loved Terry. And I love Arlene....We're a small community here in Bon Temp so I know pretty much every one of you has figure out by now that I'm a little different, but only a small handful of you know what that difference is. I'm a telepath.

-she watched everyone around her, and chose her next words very carefully. And as soon as the word telepath came out of her mouth, the thoughts assaulted her.-

I knew she was a freak!
It's about time she said that. Now if she just admits she's hooked on vampers, the Jezebel.

-she sighed and closed her eyes before going on. Terry's first memory of Arlene was so vivid it was almost like she was there, right back in Merlotte's. After she spoke, everyone was silent, but the smile on Arlene's face was screaming thank you. She walked over to Arlene and wrapped her arms around her, holding her close and wishing she could take all of the pain away. It wasn't fair that Arlene had such a hard time with picking men. And when she finally found the right one, he was taken from her too soon.-

-she walked back over to her seat and sat down beside Jane and Francine, surprised at the thoughts going through their heads now. They were... nice. For the most part. As they sat there, she was faintly aware of someone sitting beside her and turned to see Alcide. Normality. He was, for the most part, normal. And that's what she needed, something to ground her. She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder as the funeral continued on, thankful at the moment that she had someone that simply wanted to help her, and didn't want to kill her. It was nice. Real nice.-

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