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Who is Catlina Ordonez


Sexual Who is Catlina Ordonez

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:57 am

Name: Catalina Ortiz but now Ordonez or Coco

Age: 450 was made in 1563 at the age of 28

Race: Vampire

Maker: Rosalyn

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, and English

Was made in 1563 in Spain Escaping the Spanish Inquisition for she was a Moor who converted to Catholosisim and is know as a Moriscos. Coming and going from the Courts of Prince Philip II, and III she feld with her daughter to the Court of Queen Elizabeth I. She beame one of the many lovers the Queen had. Hiding in England till the the end of the 1600's She was almost killed when her male lover betrayed her by showing hunters where she lay during the day. With the help of her duaghter they were killed and she flead back to Spain to live under the rule of Philip V of Spain. From that day on she never took another male lover. Living in Spain and Portugal thru the French Revelution and the reing of Napoleon.

Went to the University of Cambridge majoring in biochemistry, Pathology and Forensic Pathology.

Comes to Bon Temps to find out who killed her maker. Has never been to North America before has lived all over Europe. Has only two progney her daughter and a human she took under her wing in World War I. Is a main streamer who loves to be around other humans or other perternatural beings. Own major stock holding in True Blood and is trying to help finda cure for Hep V.

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