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History: Anticipation

James Kent
James Kent

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Sexual History: Anticipation

Post by James Kent on Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:29 am

~September 1964~

James hung up the phone grinning ear to ear. Evie was standing there waiting for him to say something when he simply burst into laughter.

“We got the tickets, Evie. We are going to the concert!”

Evie squealed with delight and began dancing around the room singing. They had been trying to win tickets for weeks and today was their last chance. Evie suddenly stopped dancing and turned to James with concern in her eyes.

“What are we going to tell poppa? You know he will never agree to let us go to the concert. He already broke the Beatles record you bought me last week. If he finds out we have been calling the radio stations, never mind the fact that we won tickets to a concert. What are we going to do?”

James smiled as he looked at the concern in her face, and he lifted her chin so he could see her eyes as he spoke.

“Relax, Evie, I already have it taken care of. You remember the talk that he and I had about the ‘sit-in’ planned for next weekend? He even made me promise to take you with me so you could see a good example of people making a difference. Well, it is the same weekend and in the same city as the concert. It’ll be fine. He will assume we are at the ‘sit-in’. Sunshine even had some of her friends make extra protest signs for us to help sell the story.”

“If you say so, James. I cannot believe it. The first Beatles concert tour in the US of A and we get to be there for it. I can hardly wait."

James smiled as he thought about the concert. His friends said that once you see a band live, their music never seems the same again, that it seems more alive. He was looking forward to what promised to be a great time and incredible memories.

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