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Who Is Brianna Jackson?

Brianna Jackson
Brianna Jackson

Gender : Female Location : Bon Temps
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Sexual Who Is Brianna Jackson?

Post by Brianna Jackson on Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:09 pm

Brianna Jackson

19 years old


Bill Compton

Vampire Siblings
Jessica Hamby


Place of Birth
Shreveport, Louisiana


Brianna Jackson was an average 19 year old girl, only wanting the best in life. She is a quite girl, shy at meeting new people. She has never been very good when it came to the opposite sex having only experienced one sexual encounter in her human life which did not turn out very well. She would spend her night locked away in her bedroom, finding a comfort in writing poetry, drawing. Having developed quite an ability of sketching from her mother's encouragement, but since her mother's accident, she lost the muse inside her to carry on. Her father being the only one that she could turn to.

But since that night that her now Maker, Bill Compton turned her, believing that she was being created for a greater cause, only to be abandoned by him, left to fend on her own. Although she does not know a lot about her new Maker, she is slowly learning about who and what he truly is.

Although she now knows of how her life has changed, she is just a small fraction of discovering why and how the world will react to what she has become. With the help of her vampire sibling Jessica Hamby, maybe she will discover that maybe she does have a place in the world.

But who knows?

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