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Hauntin' my dreams....

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Hauntin' my dreams....

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:16 pm

Gettin' up and gettin' ready for work. Another day, another dolla'.

Pullin' up in the parking lot of Merlotte's, and slammin' the car door. Fuckin' hot. Gonna be a long damn day. I sees that the lot is full already. Buncha idiots wanna get their drunk on early I suppose.

Goin' in and grabbin' m'apron off it's hook, and hollerin' over at Terry. How's it goin' white bread? Let's knock out these tickets, m'kay?

Wavin' at Arlene and Sookie, and flippin' Sam the bird, I turns around and claps Terry on the shoulder.

Wha' fuck? My hand went right through his fuckin' shoulder! Jaw droppin' to the floor, I turn around, only to see that Merlotte's is empty. I'm the only one here. There's no food in the place - only cases upon cases of True Blood.

What in the fuck is going on here? Is this now a vamp joint?

Grabbin' at my apron to yank it off - it feels strange. Too thick - too heavy.

Suddenly, my eyes open. I'm at home in my bed, clutching the sheets and comforter. It was all a fuckin' dream. Then reality crashes down on my ass. Terry's dead and buried. Gonna miss that stupid sumbitch. Why he have to up and die for? To haunt my fuckin' dreams? Next thing I know, he's gonna be standing here in my house wantin' to shoot the shit. Hell - he might as well join the rest of 'em that line up to talk to me.

I didn't sign up for this fuckin' shit. Punching my pillow, trying to see if'n I can catch me a few more z's. Shit.

Hauntin' my dreams.... Large

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