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Momma's Leaving

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Momma's Leaving

Post by Willa Burrell on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:03 pm

Dear diary,

I know it’s been awhile since I've last written.  Things have just gone so crazy lately that I haven’t had much time to write.  The press has been having a field day with everything that’s gone on.  My mamma and daddy are splitting up for good.  I kind of knew that it was going to happen but the reality I a lot different than I thought it was going to be.  

I expected the fight that mamma and daddy had when she actually told him that she was leaving but I never expected my daddy’s tears.  He’s always been such a strong man who’s never backed down from anything.  He’s never backed down and he’s never even so much as quivered a lip let alone actually cried.  I guess every girl thinks of her daddy as a super hero, the strongest man in the world.  My poor daddy cried terribly and begged my mamma not to leave.    He actually begged!  I know they thought I couldn't hear but I heard everything.  

There was one thing that was even more shocking than my daddy crying though; it was that my mamma is leaving my daddy for a vampire!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with vampires but I never thought my mamma would date one.  She was always so proper and demure and vampires, I would think, are so wild and outrageous.  I guess my mamma is wild and outrageous too.  I guess my daddy’s job made her pretend to be someone she’s not.  I hate that my family’s breaking up but I hope she’s happy.  

My daddy certainly didn't take the news well and he seemed even more upset about who she was leaving for than the fact that she was leaving at all!  He started spewing this hateful language; calling all vampires dead fucks and other horrible things!  I just hope that losing my mother doesn't make my daddy do something that he’ll regret one day.

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