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Alert the others

Niall Brigant
Niall Brigant

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Sexual Alert the others

Post by Niall Brigant on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:37 pm

He told Sookie he would be back but never promised when. He had to get back to Fae and inform the others of Warlow's death. That rotten hybrid had killed so many of his beloved kin, Claude and Claudine included. He struggled for the longest time to break the barrier and escape the realm he was sent to and did it in the knick of time. That, in his book, was triumphant.

"Please, for all that is sacred, keep your light safe. Once it's gone...it's gone."

He kissed her forehead and told her he was only a summons away, teaching her how to summon him and then...he was gone.

Before he left, he placed a fae spell to ward off any evil doers from her land, hopefully that would keep her safe for a little while. The girl somehow found trouble and attracted it like no other. After stepping through the portal, he looked around with a sigh at the wide eyed Fae that had survived.

"He's been destroyed..." Was all he said before they erupted into a cheer. Things, for now, were okay.

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