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Who is Janice Herveaux?

Janice Herveaux
Janice Herveaux

Gender : Female Location : Jackson, Mississippi
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Sexual Who is Janice Herveaux?

Post by Janice Herveaux on Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:41 pm

Janice Herveaux, is the older sister of Alcide Herveaux. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi where she owns a beauty shop. She keeps most of her life private, henceforth not living in Bon Temps.
Janice is a werewolf, although she no longer runs with a pack, she has issues following the rules!! That life is behind her, although now with her arrival back in Shreveport, she hopes that past won't come back to haunt her.

**I may write more here after I get some threads going so TBC....****

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