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Quiet Night In

Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie Stackhouse

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Sexual Quiet Night In

Post by Sookie Stackhouse on Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:57 am

He moves down to my belly - his tongue circling my navel - following the path of the flogger and the fur... I moan. He's kissing and sucking and nibbling... moving south... and then his tongue is there. At the junction of my thighs. I throw my head back and cry out as I almost detonate into orgasm. I'm on the brink, and he stops. NO! The bed shifts, and he kneels between my legs. He leans towards the bedpost, and the cuff on my ankle is suddenly gone. I pull my leg to the middle of the bed... resting it against him. He leans over to the opposite post and frees my other leg. His hands travel quickly down both my legs, squeezing and kneading, bringing life back into them. Then, grasping my hips, he lifts me so that my back is no longer on the bed. I am arched, resting on my shoulders. What?  He's kneeling up between my legs... and in one swift, slamming move he's inside of me... oh fuck... and I cry out again. The quiver of my impending orgasm begins and he stills. The quiver dies... oh no... he's going to torture me further.


-she chewed on her bottom lip softly as she continued to read the book, her free hand slowly moving up and down along the soft, sensitive skin of her chest; her nipples puckered against the soft material of her tank top and she sucked in a sharp breath. This book wasn't even written that well, but it caused her to feel things that she hadn't planned on, and in that moment she was extremely thankful that Alcide wasn't home. Her mind drifted to him; how he looked when he was cutting the grass a few days before, the sweat rolling off of his back and his muscles bunching and then releasing as he pushed the mower.-


-she bit her lip hard as she moved her hand over her shirt, tweaking her nipple as she did so and then letting her hand trail down her stomach, muscles rippling as she did so. There was a growing need deep in her belly, and there was only one way to stop it. She hadn't been with anyone since Warlow, which in theory hadn't been long ago, but it also felt like it had been years. Since Alcide had come back to town and she had asked him to stay, it seemed like sex was all that was on her mind. Damn Bill for turning her into a sex fiend! Her hand faltered for a second, but she pushed the thought away; Bill wasn't allowed in her thoughts right now. All that she wanted to think about was that chiseled body, that hair that just begged to have her fingers ran through it, that smirk that caused her heart to skip and those eyes that saw so deep into her soul it was scary. She gently slid her hand into the waistband of her sweats, past the cotton barrier of her panties and into her silky wetness. Her breath came out in a small gasp and she closed her eyes for a second before turning her face back to her book.-


Please! I wail. He grips me harder... in warning? I don't now, his fingers digging into the flesh of my behind as I lay panting.... so I purposefully still. Very slowly, he starts to move again... out and then in... agonizingly slowly. Holy fuck - please! I'm screaming inside... and as the number of voices in the choral piece increases, so does his pace, infinitesimally, he's so controlled... so in time with the music. And I can no longer bear it.


-she moaned again and moved her fingers ever so slowly, her eyes still on the book. How could this book make her feel like this? She really, really needed to get laid. Frustration overtook her and she pulled her hands from her pants, grabbed her book and threw it on the table. She needed a shower, a cold one, before Alcide got here. At the rate she was going, she'd jump his bones in a heartbeat, and that was something that, although she knew he liked her, she didn't want to risk. His friendship meant entirely too much and she wouldn't make a move until he asked her. No matter how hard it was, on them both.-

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