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Keeping Busy

Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie Stackhouse

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Sexual Keeping Busy

Post by Sookie Stackhouse on Wed Sep 11, 2013 6:29 am

-Sookie couldn't believe how the night had gone. She had planned on chilling out, reading her book more and eventually having dinner and going to bed. She had even thought maybe she could have a sit down meal with Alcide before going to bed. But no. Instead, they had yelled at each other and fought like brother and sister. Why couldn't things just be simple? Alcide had stormed off into his room, she had gone upstairs and settled into her bed and she prayed that tomorrow would be different.-

-When she had woken up this morning, she realized that it hadn't. Alcide was probably still sleeping, or he had gotten up way early to go to work. Which left her at home until this evening when she had her shift at Merlotte's. Until then, she decided to do a bit of picking up around the house, maybe some yard work. She had to keep her mind occupied. She had slipped on a simple pullover sundress over her bikini and then walked into the bathroom, grabbed the baby oil out of the cabinet and smoothed some on her shoulders and arms. She'd spend the rest of the day until it was time to shower doing stuff out in the yard; pulling weeds, trimming around the hedges, maybe even burn some brush. She just wanted to keep busy.-

-she grabbed the garden sheers out of the mud room and walked out into the mid-morning sun with a small smile and a heavy heart. Alcide was her friend. Her FRIEND! And here she had all but thrown herself at him because she was horny after reading a book. Sure, it wasn't just the book that made her want him. She had wanted him for a long while. But now that he was under the same roof, the fact that she knew where he was and what he was wearing and could still smell his cologne, all woodsy and him, it made it even harder. She'd apologize tonight, make amends and see if they could work around the attraction. But for now-

Dammit all to hell, Gran, why did you have to have so many azaleas?

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