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Missing the Sun

Violet Mazurski
Violet Mazurski

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Sexual Missing the Sun

Post by Violet Mazurski on Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:21 am

*Violet left Jason's house in a shitty mood. The sun was fucking gone from her life and she had to go back to the darkness. She had grown accustomed to it after so many years, she didn't think it would have bothered so fucking much to be back in it, but it did. She had been spoiled by the sunlight and now she wished she could fucking destroy it forever, so no one could enjoy it. Her anger was strong, that's why she had left Jason's early. There was only one human at the house, and she was too fucking pissed to be around his blood.

Needing to breathe and clear her mind, Violet decided to walk the dirt roads of Bon Temp, taking the long way to Sookie's, where she had been staying until goddamn Jason got busy with her own sleeping spot. He had told her a week ago he would start it, and no work had been fucking done. Although she might have had a reason for him quickly forgetting anything that night.

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Violet laughed remembering the day he had come home red faced and pissed. He had huffed and puffed going on a tangent of how he would never shop for her again. She shut him up quickly that night. She had been trying on clothes Sookie had lent her, she walked from the closet in her robe. She pulled at the tie around her waist, letting the silk fall to her feet in a small heap. Just the sight of her bare tits and the rest of her nude body, had Jason quiet and fucking frothing at the mouth. She simply kissed him as a thank you, pressing her bare body into him and grazing her fangs along his neck. The child's tantrum he had been throwing was over, and he still went out and bought her sexy lingerie the next day.

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He was fucking adorable, and yet she kept her fucking wall up. As the sun had erased itself from her life, would he do the same? That's why she waited, why she made him wait. Once the dust settled and the excitement faded, would his love be there or would it disappear as everything else in her lifetime had? That was Violet's last thought as the deep sleep took her abd she slipped even further into the darkness*

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