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History: We meet again

James Kent
James Kent

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Sexual History: We meet again

Post by James Kent on Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:30 pm

James set the last bag on the back of the truck, shaking his head. This was one strange order. They wanted fifteen bags of fertilizer to be delivered an hour after sundown. Whatever…a customer is a customer, and if he ever wanted to get things moving and out of the back yard, he could not be picky. He went back in the house and cleaned up, then grabbed the paper next to the phone and headed out to make his delivery. He smiled as he looked at the lettering on his truck's door. Finally on his own. He started the truck up and headed out to meet his client.

History: We meet again Ku-med10

As he pulled up to the house, the front lights clicked on, and he could see someone looking out the living room window. A side path next to the house lit up and he figured that was where he was supposed to bring the order. He parked and walked around, dropping the tailgate down and climbing up in the truck. He stacked all the bags toward the tailgate and began to bring them into the back, laying them out on a pallet he saw back there. He was just bringing the last of them out when the back door opened and she was standing, framed in the soft light.

"When you finish, come into the kitchen. I made you dinner, I hope you don't mind. You were nice enough to accommodate my request on the timing for the delivery."

He could not shake the feeling that he had heard that voice before, but he was not one to be rude. He used the hose outside to wash up a bit and walked up on the back porch. He knocked gently and waited until he heard her call for him to come in and have a seat. The lights were dim in most of the house but the kitchen was nice and bright. There was already a plate waiting for him with a tall glass of root beer. He sat, but waited for his hostess to join him before beginning.

When she walked in, his voice simply left him. He knew her, but it had been years. How could she still look the same? He dropped his eyes, embarrassed that he had been staring at her, and he heard her laugh softly. He looked up to see she had taken a chair against the wall and was watching him.

History: We meet again Interv10

"Not hungry, James? After all that work I thought you would be. I am not sure why you are so surprised. I told you at the concert a few years ago that we would meet again. I always do what I say I will, James.

He blinked, and smiled nervously. He looked down and began eating, trying to focus on that instead of losing himself in her eyes. She was so beautiful but he still did not understand how she could still be the same as she was the night they had first met. He took a drink and continued, stealing glances at her occasionally. He heard her laugh again and looked up, his eyes locked in hers. As she spoke, it was like his own thoughts were being spoken back to him.
~You don't need to be shy about looking. I enjoy it. You will not be ashamed to admire me. You will want to see me.~

"I won't be shy....I want to see you..."

As she finished speaking, he set the fork down, smiling at her. He took in every detail he could and smiled again.

"I remember you. The Beatles concert. You were so beautiful. I have never forgotten you, but you said I was too young. I didn't understand but I was sad that you said it."

"Ah yes, but James, you are not so young now. Now you are far more interesting as well. You were so idealistic, at least you seemed to be. Your thoughts of family, of your sister especially, were very warm and caring. I see you still care deeply for her. I admire loyalty to one's blood."

She smiled, rising from her chair and walking around the table to where he sat. She ran her fingers over his shoulders, letting her arms drape across his chest. He was shocked at her forwardness, but did not want her to move away. Her fingers gently unbuttoned his shirt and she peeled it away from him. He sat forward as she pulled it off. He watched as she tossed the shirt onto the chair she had been sitting in. Then he felt her kissing his neck and shoulder. A sharp pinch and then such wonderful sensations...
James Kent
James Kent

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Sexual Re: History: We meet again

Post by James Kent on Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:58 pm

James was sitting on the couch when the euphoria finally released his mind. It was after midnight. She was next to him on the couch, smiling as he took in the room. He still remembered the feeling, looked at her, and smiled. She leaned in, kissing him gently as her fingers danced along his leg.

"I imagine you rather enjoyed that, didn't you. Most do, though you are of far more interest to me than simply something to nibble on, but we can talk of that another time. I must attend to the mundane, so appearances are kept."

She walked over, picking up an envelope and setting it on the coffee table.

"There is enough there for three times the order I made. Each Thursday, I want you to bring me an order. You are welcome to pick out whatever you like to bring, as you will be tending the gardens for me. Consider the extra a retainer for your services. Once you are done, you will come inside and we will talk....and perhaps more. You would like that, wouldn't you, James."

"Yes, I would, but I do not even know your name. I will need it if I am to do as you ask."

She smiled at his gentle boldness.

"Yes, a name would be helpful, if for no other reason than to have a way to address me. Very well. I am Nicole Margrethe St Croix. You can simply call me Nicole. Now then, with that out of the way, you should probably be heading back home soon. You are delicious, James, but I cannot indulge too much for now. When we talk next, I will tell you of the wonderful gift I can give you, if you decide you want it. For now, you should go. I am sure your sister is worried about you by now."

James smiled but was conflicted. He did not want to leave Nicole but he knew he should get home. She was right, Evie was probably worried about him. He did not expect to be gone this late. She would forgive him though, since now they had a regular client, and once so generous. He picked up the envelope and slipped it in his pocket. She stood with him, moving close and kissing him again. He felt himself react to her kiss, and pulled back a little, embarrassed at his reaction. He looked in her eyes one more time before heading back to the kitchen to retrieve his shirt. As he was buttoning it back on, she caught his eyes again.
~You will not be embarrassed around me. There is no reason. You will be comfortable with your emotions and share them freely when you are with me. Do you understand?~

He nodded quietly as her quick hands finished buttoning his shirt. He smiled and fished his keys from his pocket. He looked at her one more time and headed back out to his truck. Tonight had been full of surprises, but it had been a very good night. He looked up as he pulled away to see her watching him from the window. It was late, so he turned the radio down, but could still hear the music, and laughed a bit.

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