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Gettin' ready.... but for what?

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Gettin' ready.... but for what?

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:40 pm

Dammit - I promised Arlene that I would help her contact Terry. What the fuck was I thinkin'?

She was hurtin'. I know how she feels. I'm scared for her. What if Terry don't show up? What if he does and the fucker decides to say some shit that upsets her more?

I hates bein' stuck between a fuckin' rock and a hard place.

*Rummaging around in the front closet, pullin' out a decent tablecloth and extra candles, settin' 'em out so's I can get ready.*

Guess I'll call Arlene tomorrow and see when she wants to do this. Somethin' just tells me this ain't no good idea. I can see it going so very wrong. I hope to hell for her sake that it doesn't.

Oh fuck it - *dumping the candles on the table, floppin' my ass on the couch and firin' up some primo weed, hopin' to take the edge off.*

Gettin' ready....  but for what? Large

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