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Dinner with the family

Arabella Trillo
Arabella Trillo

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Sexual Dinner with the family

Post by Arabella Trillo on Tue Sep 17, 2013 5:28 am

Arabella walked slowly back to the bedrooms, thinking to herself. As she got there, she tried to focus on the positive for now. Nothing would be achieved by ignoring this chance for a normal relationship. She put on an amused smile and walked into the room.

"You mean he actually said yes?" Cassia asked excitedly?

"Even better, He practically suggested it himself before I could even bring it up. I'm a little worried about leaving though. He isn't well right now, but he told me he needed some alone time and suggested I take you up on the visit. I have to admit, I am a bit nervous about meeting them. They know what I am?"

"Of course they know. I already told you. They are just glad I found someone who makes me very happy, and you definitely do."

Arabella winced as she remembered the final detail.

"We have to take a guard with us since he is not going himself. I hope that will not be a problem."

"Of course not. Oh, by the way, mother does have one request. She does not want any feeding while in their home. They already purchased a nice bottle of 'vampire blood wine' for you to have at dinner."

Arabella smiled. Maybe this would not be so bad.

Dinner with the family Arabel11
Arabella Trillo
Arabella Trillo

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Sexual Dinner and Questions

Post by Arabella Trillo on Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:30 am

As they pulled into the driveway, Arabella leaned in and kissed Cassia's neck and whispered to her.

"Just a bit to take the edge off."

She dropped her fangs and took a small sip, licking the wounds closed. She grinned as Cassia shuddered with pleasure and pulled back, adjusting her clothes a bit. She squeezed Cassia's hand gently as they got out of the car. The guard walked around, helping each of them from the car. As they walked up to the house, two people walked out to the porch and Arabella paused for a moment to look at them. She could see a bit of Cassia in her mother. Her father looked almost as nervous as she felt and that helped a bit. She heard Cassia's mother clear her throat and looked back to her.

"Welcome Arabella. Cassia has told us quite a bit about you. When you are ready, you are welcome in our home. We are happy to have you here as a guest."

Arabella smiled as she imagined the petite woman practicing that little speech in the mirror for hours. She inclined her head deferentially and smiled at them.

"Thank you for the warm welcome. Shall we go inside? I imagine there are many questions she has not had the chance to answer."

She took Cassia's arm and they walked up the steps onto the porch. Cassia giggled and looked straight at her mother, "Yes, I told her about your request. She is fine with it."

Both Cassia's parents looked a bit relieved as everyone headed inside.

Dinner with the family Arabel11
Arabella Trillo
Arabella Trillo

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Sexual Re: Dinner with the family

Post by Arabella Trillo on Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:51 am

Arabella smiled across the table to Cassia as she sipped from her glass, then looked to her parents.

"This is actually quite a good choice, Ma'am. Sometimes companies will add too much alcohol and it is something akin to whiskey. This is mild and has a nice sweet undertone to it. Thank you for your consideration."

Cassia's mother beamed at the compliment and laughed.

"I'm glad it worked out. I told the worker at the store that I needed a bottle of blood wine and thought that he was going to pass out. He started stammering something about it being daylight and that I shouldn't be out at the time. I finally had to find a manager to get a straight answer."

Everyone around the table laughed.

"Again, Ma'am, a very nice choice. I am glad it worked out."

"Our Cassia is happy, and a little bottle of blood is nothing compared to that. I had always heard that vampires were antisocial creatures. It just goes to show that you never really can believe stereotypes."

"Yes, there are some of my kind like that, but then I've met humans who were even more so. So, now that we have jokes and chattered, I am sure one of you has questions she has not been able to answer."

"How old are you?" Cassia's brother squeaked from behind his plate.

Arabella laughed and shook her head at his bluntness.

"Fair enough. You might want to remember that it is never polite to ask a lady her age, but I will indulge you since I invited the question. The answer has two parts actually. My age in mortal life was Twenty two years, though I have lived lover, I will always look that age. As for my true age, I would just have celebrated somewhere around my fiftieth birthday, though for my kind age is almost irrelevant. I have known many vampires that were far older than me, but one thing I have learned is that age does not change our appearance very much."

He held up his hand.
"Can I ask one more question, after this one? Are you gonna make my sister a vampire?"

Arabella paused for a moment at that question. They had never discussed that so she was at a loss for an answer for a moment and Cassia came to her rescue, punching her brother in the arm, leading to a wrestling match that distracted everyone but Arabella. Would she turn Cassia? She had not thought that far ahead. A companion of her own choosing....but how would her family act? She would need to talk to Cassia about that sometime...

Dinner with the family Arabel11
Arabella Trillo
Arabella Trillo

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Sexual Re: Dinner with the family

Post by Arabella Trillo on Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:06 pm

The young boy's question was still haunting her a bit hours later as her escort stepped close, speaking in her ear.

"Miss Trillo, it is nearly three. We need to get back to the estate unless they have a 'lightpoof' here."

"Of course, Marcus. Get the car ready and we will join you in a few minutes."

"Understood, Miss Trillo. I will have it waiting."

Arabella looked to her hosts.

"I am sure you are all wanting to get to sleep. Thank you for indulging me by allowing this visit. I hope it is not the last."

Cassia's mother smiled and said, "Not at all, precious. It was our pleasure, and now we can see how happy you make our baby girl. You are more than welcome to come with her any time she comes home."

Cassia motioned for her attention and tapped the corner of her eye. She lifted her napkin to her face, pulling it away with a small red stain from the corner of her eye. It must be later than she thought. She stood, smiling to everyone. Cassia stood with her and said her goodbyes, decorating her family with kisses before joining Arabella on the way to the car. Cassia was looking at her neck and she looked back at her curiously.

"Oh, just noticed one of the veins in your neck. It seemed to stand out darker than the rest for a moment. Probably just my imagination. You were wonderful tonight, by the way. That went better than I could have expected."

"It was for for me too Cassia. Remember, I do not socialize that often. Remind me to send a thank you to your parents for gifting me the rest of the bottle. They really didn't have to."

Cassia giggled and replied, "Well, they do not entertain many vampires, so it would have been silly to keep it, but it was sweet of them to think of it."

"Oh yes, but I am feeling very tired now. I don't know if it is the coming dawn or over-stimulation, but I need to rest."

"Well then let's get you home..."

They both smiled as Marcus closed the door behind them and began driving back toward home.

Dinner with the family Arabel11

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Sexual Re: Dinner with the family

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