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Alcide Herveaux
Alcide Herveaux

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Sexual Frustration

Post by Alcide Herveaux on Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:31 pm

{There had been an unspoken tension between them that had mounted upon the sexual tension. Seeing Bill kiss her like that had brought out his alpha possessive ego and he felt bad for flipping out. Damn, why couldn't he just kiss her and tell her what he was feeling? Oh right, because every time he loved someone they seemed to use that against him until he was left hurt and alone. Sookie had been laying out in the sun, her usual Sunday relaxation method and then went shower for her shift at Merlotte's. Seeing her lying half naked, the heat of the sun causing her skin to glisten with sweat. Damn it.}

{Once she left, he took out his frustrations on the punching bag in the shed out back. Left swing, right jab. Over and over again he repeated the moves, occasionally throwing a kick in. His breathing was labored as sweat rolled down his face and soaked his chest. He stopped briefly to pull his shirt off and dab his face from the sweat. Sweat in the eye burned something fierce. He rolled his neck around and pumped himself up as he went back to kicking the shit out of the punching bag, imagining it was Bill Compton. He growled and remembered the vampire pressing his lips to hers, lips he wanted to claim as his. Throwing another punch to the bag, he watched it swing violently from his hit. He walked away and grunted, pacing a few minutes before removing the tape around his wrists and knuckles and tossing them aside.}

"Damn it, Sookie Stackhouse...what the hell are you doing to me?"

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