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Saving Her Daughter


Sexual Saving Her Daughter

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 23, 2013 9:20 am

1598 Barcelona, Spain

She sat at her daughters bedside, leaving it only to sleep and feed. Tonight she would become a maker herself. she was going to turn her daughter to save her. She had the servants dig a hole in the back of the house after putting them in trance and telling them what she wanted. As far as they knew they were digging grave to be buried next to her husband. A knock sounded and she looked up from her daughter. "Entar." she said as he heard her daughter moan softly. "Pronto mi hija que es casi la hora." (Soon my daughter it's almost time."

A large man entered the room and walked over to the bed, waiting for a command. Standing she walked over to him and locked gazes with him. "Elige en brazos y me siga. Usted me ayudará a bajarla hacia el suelo y luego esperar a que te lo diga para cubrir a los dos con la suciedad. Si se le pide que ella y yo somos dicen los funcionarios fue trasladada a mi habitación cuando los médicos llegaron y que no deben ser molestados hasta que salgo de mi habitación." (Pick her up and follow me. You will help me lower her into the ground and then wait for me to tell you to cover us both with dirt. If asked where she and I are tell the servants she was moved to my room when the doctors arrived and we are not to be disturbed till I come out of my room.) Breaking gazes she stepped back as the man scooped her frail daughter up in his arms and followed her outside.

Jumping down into the hole he held out her arms and her daughter was laced in them Kissing her tenderly on the cheek she laid them down and dropped her fangs. With a growl she bit her daughter and started to drink her life's blood from her. As soon as her daughter almost stopped breathing he released her bite and pulled a small dirk from her dress. Cutting her throat she put her duaghters mouth against it and felt her weakly start to draw her blood into her mouth once the she started pulling with more force she nodded her head at the man and he covered them with dirt filling the hole quickly.

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