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History: Come and Go

James Kent
James Kent

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Sexual History: Come and Go

Post by James Kent on Tue Sep 24, 2013 1:04 am

James smiled and kissed Nicole's cheek as they watched TV on the couch. He knew he needed to bring it up soon. He had promised himself. He shifted his position so he was looking at her.

"Nicole, there is something I have been wanting to discuss with you. This last six months has been amazing and you have taught me so much, but I can't help but feel that it is all one sided. Aside from a bit of blood from time to time, I have not been able to give you much back."

"James, you forget that wonderful garden that you have helped me create. I never could have done it without your help. The lights give it the perfect accenting."

Nicole looked out the bay window over the garden.
History: Come and Go Garden10

"It really is amazing how you transformed it. You truly are an artist. That is part of why I chose you for my gift, but you are right, there is more. It is time I told you what I have been thinking on, even since I saw your boldness at the concert so long ago now. I have never made another like me. I always try to be discreet. Perhaps a balance is a better term for what I do. I have not tipped the scale by bringing another vampire into the world because I had not found anyone who would actually improve the world by their longevity."

Nicole took his face in her own, kissing him.

"You showed me that there is great beauty still in the world. Our garden has flourished, and you have taught me so much, even as I have taught you what I could of our world. I have only one last thing I can give you, James. That is the gift I want to leave this world with. I want to know that a truly creative soul will live beyond their years because I took a hand in guiding that destiny."

James watched as she stood, a glint of mischief in her eyes as she led him from the living room toward the garden.

"Did you wonder why I had you dig out the path so deeply, James? We will sleep there through the day. After tonight, you will never grow a day older. After tonight, you will never fall pray to sickness or feebleness of mind. That is my greatest gift I can give you. You will be my progeny, my great gift to the world. I have lived for over four hundred hears, James. I have seen kingdoms and nations come and go. I have see beauty and sorrow enough for a thousand lifetimes, but I never felt as strongly as I do about the choice I have made. You will change things for the better, James. I am too bound in my traditions and trappings to move on in this world much longer. You adapt with the changes you see around you. I've seen it. It is commonly said among vampires that not everyone is cut out for immortality. You, however, I believe are. You know our rules, you know our limits. Tonight you will experience something that only a handful of your generation will. We will enjoy the rest of tonight and then toward morning I will do what much be done to give you my gift."

James was nervous, excited, happy, and scared all at once. He knew the idea behind what she would do. She had explained it at length. He felt ready for it. He only regretted that he could not share this gift with Evie. Nicole had been adamant. Once this took place, at least for a while, he had to stay away from his family, his old friends. She said it was too dangerous, but that part he did not understand. He would never harm any of them.

She wrapped her arms around him and they lifted from the ground in the center of the garden. He never got tired of this. Flying with her was something he had only dreamed of as a child, and now she was doing it with him. She said one day he might even be able to do it on his own. Her talk of 'leaving something to the world' worried him. He did not want to lose her. He already had to give up Evie and everything else, to loose Nicole as well would be beyond pain. They lifted high enough so none would notice them, floating among the clouds. He could see the moon already getting lower and knew that he had seen his last sunset. He would miss the beauty of the colors, but Nicole had shown him that the night can be just as beautiful in it's own ways. As they sank back down, touching down in the garden, she smiled at him. He could not help but smile back.

"James, promise me one thing. Never betray your own principles. They are what make you such a beautiful person. They are your true strength and passion. Never forget who you are."

"Of course, Nicole. Is it time?"

"Yes James, it is. Dawn will be here in a matter of hours and there is much to be done in the time. You set the fill dirt on the platform just as I asked. I have a trusted servant that will be here soon, and will take care of covering us. My man will arrive back here at sunset and dig the trench back out."

As they stripped down, he blushed a little. He was still a bit shy, even after so much time with her. He heard her laugh softly and laid her clothing out on the deck table. After he laid his next to hers, they climbed down into the trench. They laid there, holding each other until her servant arrived. When she pierced his skin this time, it felt different. She was not taking a sip, she was drinking him in, deeply. The sensation was euphoric to say the least. He fought the panic in his mind as he felt himself grow weak. When she broke the skin at her wrist and held it to his mouth, he drank greedily from her, taking her in as she had taken him. Her laughter made the exchange all that much more enjoyable. She continued to drink from him, even while letting him drink from her. He felt his heart slowing and relaxed, trusting her completely. Then all was dark.
James Kent
James Kent

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Sexual Re: History: Come and Go

Post by James Kent on Tue Sep 24, 2013 1:34 am

He felt the sun set, Nicole's arms around him. He felt a craving like nothing he had every felt. His mind panicked momentarily when he realized they were still buried. Nicole held him close, reassuring him. He calmed his mind as best he could but the hunger was like a roaring beast in his mind. As the pressure from the dirt thinned, he could smell the blood of the man uncovering them. She told him that his senses would be stronger, but nothing could have prepared him for this. Once enough dirt had been removed and they could be free, the hunger in his mind screamed for him to attack the human. Nicole's firm grip protected the man and held him down. The servant brought forward an old man, one who looked in good health, but whole skin was marked with ink. He barely heard as she explained that this man was a convicted murdered. His sentence was simply being carried out. James barely heard her, as the man's blood sang to him. He could hear the heartbeat speed up as he walked closer. The sensation when his fangs broke the old man's skin was indescribable. The sweet ed nectar flowed into his mouth as the man struggled slightly. As he drank, he could hear the man's heartbeat weaken. The man began to push against him, but it was like a child pressing against a wall as James' hunger led him to finish what he had begun. As the man's heart stopped, Nicole pulled James back, not letting him take the last drops. His mind swam with the pleasure of the blood.

"My god, Nicole. Is it always like that when you feed?"

She laughed and smiled.

"This first time was special, and you will always remember the taste. You will find that different types of humans and other things taste differently. Now that you have fed, let's walk through the city. You will be amazed at the difference in how you see everything."

They showered together, washing each other's bodies carefully. Once clean, they both dressed casually and they walked from the house arm in arm. She had to remind him a few times to slow down, or he would attract attention, but his mind was swimming as he saw the world anew. They finally returned to the garden to find the trench refilled and the old man gone. James dug out a bit of earth with his hands, planting a rose bush in the hole, then packing the earth around the roots.

"He deserved at least that for his gift of blood."

He watched as Nicole's face lit up with a wide smile.

"I love that you see it that way. So many young vampires see humans as cattle. They do not understand the need for discretion. You are going to be a treasure to this world. A vampire who is more human than most mortals. Remember your promise to me. Always stay true to yourself."

He grew concerned with her tone, but she dismissed his concern with a kiss. She pulled his clothes from his body and whispered in his ear. "Make love to me, James"
As they moved together, he was amazed that even this intimate act had so many new levels with his new nature. They made love in the garden until the first streaks of purple shot through the sky. She pulled him into the house and down a hidden staircase. She pushed him back against one of the walls, kissing him passionately. He was beginning to feel the sunrise pulling him to sleep when he felt her close something metal around his wrists. He looked up to find himself chained to the wall.

"Nicole, I do not understand. Why?"

"I am tired, James. I have been tired for so long, but had not found anyone worthy of passing my gift to. You are everything I could have hoped for. Remember your promise. Now that I have given the world my progeny, I can go watch the sun rise with peace in my soul. Goodbye, James. My men will be loyal to you. They are going to come here tonight, and will bring you bottled blood for a few days to build up your strength. They could not stop me from my intent, so please do not be too harsh with them. All I have is already signed to your name, James. Do not forget though. Never go near those you care about. For your safety and for theirs."

He watched her go back up the stairs and fought against his chains until the sunrise stole his awareness. The last sensation he felt before the blackness took him was her death. He saw in his mind what he knew he could not have seen.
History: Come and Go Jfauci10
He knew she was at peace, but swore to himself in that dark basement that he would never forgive her for leaving him alone in this new world. Then, all was darkness.

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