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Apologies Again Miss Stackhouse

Bill Compton
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Sexual Apologies Again Miss Stackhouse

Post by Bill Compton on Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:22 am

~~ What Happened Before With Sookie Stackhouse ~~


How much time was enough time? With everything happening with Kiara, and after his last encounter with Sookie. He could feel her once again, although it was not much, a small glimmer of something that was slowly fading. But it was enough for Bill to know if she was in danger. Sookie had made her feelings very clear that she was no longer his, and he knew that. But there would always be a part of him that still loved her, still cared deeply for her.

It was something that he could not get rid off, she would always be a part of him. No matter who she chose to be with, Bill would always be there for her if she ever did. But first he needed to take steps in making amends with her, after what he did with Warlow, there was a lot to be sorry for.

He had been standing outside her front porch, she was not home. He had hoped that she would be, he needed to apologize again for his outburst with Alcide. But deciding on now wanting to have another scene with the wolf, he left his gift on her front porch.

A large bunch of yellow flowers and a note -

Forgive me,

B x

Apologies Again Miss Stackhouse B310

Maybe in time she would come to understand his actions, that what he did was to save Jessica and the other vampires in the camp. But he did hope that she would understand why he had chosen those flowers, yellow as the color of her hair; smelling the sunlight on her skin. It was what he thought of when he remembered Sookie. She would always have the sun, but her admission that she was done with vampires did dishearten him. That he would never again be apart of her life, not even as a friend.

But he prayed that Sookie would change her mind, she never did have a way of keeping Bill out in the dark, a part of her still loved him. And he knew that. He just wanted a chance to explain everything to her, but if time was what she needed. He would give her that, he would come to her when she called, his door was always open to her no matter what.

Sookie would always be apart of his life, he would make amends for what he had done.

He only hoped that he hadn't left it too late.

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