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Time to bite that bullet....

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Time to bite that bullet....

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:59 am

I cain't put this off any longer. Gotta bite the bullet and have Arlene over for that seance.

Liftin' my head skyward and closin' my eyes - "Jesus - baby. If you can hear me, go hunt down Terry Bellefleur's white bread ass, willya? His ol' lady wants to talk to him bad. Still miss you baby."

Opening my eyes and fishing out my phone, I send off a text to Arlene: <whenever you can get a sitter for those younguns, let me know and we'll do this thing, k?> Hitting send, I put the phone down and rest my head in my hands.

Time to bite that bullet.... Large

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