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Morning thoughts

Sam Merlotte
Sam Merlotte

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Sexual Morning thoughts

Post by Sam Merlotte on Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:05 am

He sat on the steps of his small porch and sipped his morning coffee. Instead of a newspaper in his hand, this time he held something more precious. The sonogram. The collie that hung around his home emerged from the woods and he smiled then looked back at the photo. It was such a small little being. Something he helped create. Who knew what the child would grow up being...someone important or famous. Someone compassionate, someone who had strong beliefs. He wondered what it would all be like, being a father...being with Nicole.

As it stood, he was just the father of her child. There really was no label on their relationship and he didn't want to get serious solely because of her pregnancy. He wanted to love her and be with her because he loved her, because there was something there...besides the physical attraction. He still wondered what all the dreams about Luna meant. He thought about her often and wondered what life would be like if she had survived. He set the mug down and ran a finger along the small grey shapes that was his child.

Hearing Nicole move around the house, he folded it back up and placed it back in his shirt pocket. There would be a delivery truck of supplies coming in today and he would need to be there to sign and unload. Even Lafayette was coming in early to stock and organize. Even though he bitched enough about having to wake early. He smiled when the door opened and looked over his shoulder. -Mornin'. Are you hungry? I can make us some breakfast.-

She smiled and nodded her head, rubbed her stomach and then her face paled a bit and she blushed. Rushing back inside, he knew it was the curse of morning sickness. He stood and headed in after her to see if he could do anything.

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