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Dillemm.... dalemma....Dammit. What to do?

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Dillemm.... dalemma....Dammit. What to do?

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:53 am

Waking early, he went out into the kitchen. On the table still laid the $50 that Arlene had shoved into his hand before rushing out the door.

Dammit what had gone down? She was crying buckets when she left.

"One things fo' sho'. Ain't keepin' this money. Nuh - uh. No fuckin' way. I ain't into takin' money from widows and friends. But I cain't just give it back. Knowin' her, she would refuse it."

An idea popped into his head. What if he bought her something with the money? Something personalized so she couldn't return it? Maybe something to remind her of Terry and the good times. He'd have to do it as an anonymous gift - she'd be all up in his ass if he gave it to her.

Determined to figure it out, he shrugged and headed off to shower. "Gotta go in early today and help Sam with the deliveries. This shit outta be worth a fuckin' pay raise. Better get me some help soon."

Dillemm.... dalemma....Dammit.  What to do? Large

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