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The Search Continues For Jessica

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual The Search Continues For Jessica

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:54 am

"God dammit! Jess!" Jason cursed into his cell as he was met with the voice-mail of Jessica Hamby once again.

Did she not know how to answer her phone? Jason had been searching for her for several days now, not convinced with Bill Compton's answer that she was out and would be back soon. He was hiding something, he just knew it. He and Jessica were always able to talk about stuff no matter what happened between them, sure he still loved her; but more in a way of friends. He knew that Jessica and Violet weren't the best of friends but he was still going to talk to her no matter what.

Jessica had been there for him when no one else was, just like how Hoyt was. But now it was all messed up, there had been no sighting of Sarah Newlin either which oddly worried him. Sarah Newlin wasn't one just to back down and leave alone, she always had something up her sleeve. But right now he didn't care for her, hopefully she got the message when he had the gun pointed to her brain.

He instantly hit re-dial on his cell and was directed once again to Jessica's voice-mail as he dropped his cell into his pocket he pulled his truck into Merlotte's Bar and Grill. Was she avoiding him because he was with Violet now? But she was with that James guy or whatever his name was. Hopping out of his truck as he headed straight into the bar and could not see Sookie around; guess that ruled out a free bud.

He could smell the food from the kitchen as his stomach rumbled, smelled like hot Gumbo. Smirking and shaking his head as Lafayette winked at him as he went back to teasing Big John about the size of his cucumber.

Heading passed the booth that he and Jessica both shared as Hoyt told them both that he didn't want to remember...Any of them. It still hurt him that his best friend was back in Alaska somewhere. Maybe one day he would try and find him, make amends for what he and Jess done. But right now all he wanted was beer and soon it was delivered by Holly.

Maybe a few more of these might clear his mind.

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