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Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie Stackhouse

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Post by Sookie Stackhouse on Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:35 pm

There were seriously no words to explain how she felt; she had been working her metaphorical (and literal) ass off for the past few weeks. She wasn't even sure when the last time she had taken a day off was. Sam had been dealing with Nicole issues, Arlene was still mourning the loss of Terry and wasn't coming in most days, Lafayette was... well, he was Lafayette and he stayed in the kitchen cause he tended to get upset when dealing with the patrons most days. Holly was helping Andy with Adilyn and taking care of her boys, coming in on her scheduled days but not many other days.

Today they had been so understaffed that she had ran the bar, served food and helped Lafayette in the kitchen; she said a prayer of thanks to God that her Gran had taught her how to cook, cause if she hadn't know how to make the fried chicken earlier then they would have been crap outta luck.

But finally, after working a double shift from 8 that morning until 12 that night, she had finally gotten home. Alcide was still gone, much to her dismay; she felt so alone when he was gone. It wouldn't be long until he was back, though. They had set boundaries and had surprisingly done okay, falling into an easy routine of breakfast, work, dinner and TV or a movie at night before bed. It was simple, it was easy and it was fun. It kept the tension out of both of them, so long as they didn't watch something that got both of their hormones riled up. She had made sure to keep her books upstairs, in her room, and away from Alcide. Though part of her still wished that she could experiment with him, she knew it wouldn't happen. So for now, she was happy just having a roommate, having a man there she knew would protect her considering all the shit that had gone down. She was blessed.

Her shoes slid off of her feet and hit the floor with a soft thud as she pulled her legs up onto the couch and tucked them in underneath the rest of her body. She'd sit there for a while, watch a movie, read, something. That was the plan, anyway. What really happened was she turned the TV on, laid her head back and passed out, to dream for the first time in a long time, nothing but the sweetest of dreams.

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