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Only Time

Nicole Wright
Nicole Wright

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Sexual Only Time

Post by Nicole Wright on Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:22 pm

She had been living with her mom for a few weeks now and it had definitely been for the best. She felt like shit most days, her stomach was either cramping or nauseated, she couldn't eat anything and she was always tired. Not to mention the headaches were killer. Her mom had been taking really good care of her, but she missed Sam.

Her mom holding her hair while she threw up wasn't as comforting. Her mom rubbing her back when she was cramping wasn't the same. She missed him holding her at night, bringing her food and waiting on her. Not because she felt that she deserved it, but that he felt that she deserved it.

"Nicole, it's time for your nausea medicine. Don't wanna miss it. You remember what happened last time!" her mom called from the living room. Nicole sighed and rubbed her hand over her slightly protruding stomach. She missed him, but this was what she needed. They weren't really in love with one another; they barely knew each other! But it was all over now. She'd let Sam know when they found out what they were having and she'd let him know when she went into labor; it was only fair that he was there with her when their child was born. She wouldn't pester him for child support or anything. She'd only ask that he kept in his kids life. Maybe they could be friends.

Only time would tell.

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