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Who is Kiara Griffen?

Kiara Griffen
Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Who is Kiara Griffen?

Post by Kiara Griffen on Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:04 pm

Kiara was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. Her father was a respectable police officer, her mother a nurse. Being the first born and only daughter of a pair of weres it was only time that Kiara showed the signs. Although her family had always been pack free, after her father was shot and killed in the line of duty, her mother felt it best they join a pack. Having joined a pack everything seemed to be going ok. Kiara grew pass her awkward puberty shifting stage and although her mother worked many hours to makes ends meet, she was growing as normal as a were could. The old cop buddies of her father’s always stopped by and Kiara enrolled in the defensive classes that the police offered. She lived a relatively happy life with her mother.
Russell Edgington moved in his pack to Jackson shortly after Kiara turned 18. They were a cancer to all the other were packs. High on V, volatile, and terrible at concealing the existence of the 2 natured. Everything seemed that it could be worked out, but one night, Kiara’s mother was killed in a drive by shooting. It was later found out that some of the V high weres had been part of the shooting, her mother just being collateral damage. That was the tipping point. Kiara asked her packmaster for leave. As the pack was getting more and more involved with V, it was becoming a ritual to drink the stuff at almost every full moon. The packmaster denied her leave, saying that no one could leave the pack once they had seen the ritual of vampire blood. Following threats from the other wolves who had heard of her leaving, during a new moon she fled Jackson. The pack master of Jackson sent out an alert to other nearby packs, especially the ones in Louisiana.
Marcus had heard of Kiara’s flight and had his whole pack looking for her. The wolves of Jackson had been smart and set up a bounty on her head, a bounty being paid out by Edgington. Kiara couldn’t go anywhere, so for 3 and a half years she hid. Going from town to town, never staying more than a few days at a time. She would work odd jobs to make enough money to survive. A were, Debbie Pelt from her old pack was now in Shreveport which made it worse for Kiara. Getting the flow of information was hard, but little by little Kiara learned that Russell was killed after he had gone bonkers on tv. She then later learned of Marcus kidnapping a child from his ex wife and planning to run away with Debbie. It wasn’t until she had heard that Marcus had died and Debbie had gone missing that her informants told her that the bounty on her head had been lifted. Now 22 Kiara slowly began asking around, she needed a steady job and a place to stay. Thankfully she was still getting payments from her father’s pension so she had some money saved up. With a few calls she moved to Shreveport, finding a nice apartment that had just been built by the Hevereaux Company. She met the one of the contractors, Alcide. He didn’t seem to happy that Kiara was a were, especially one from Jackson, but she merely smiled and promised never to give them trouble.
After finding herself a place to live she got a job at a jewelry store and slowly brought her life back together. She kept her friends mostly to humans, not wanting any weres to get greedy and think her head still had a value on it. So now she lives in Shreveport, on her own. She hardly socializes, but she has made her presence known to a few weres so she can prove she is not one of the V addicted wolves from Jackson.

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