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hello and goodbye

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual hello and goodbye

Post by John Quinn on Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:20 pm

Quinn looked at his watch as he sat outside the hotel. The little bastard was late. He set the time and place, and was still fracking late! He was just about to leave when he saw a shadow slinking forward. Seeing Oliver's piggish features, Quinn sighed as he watched him approach the car. He was glad he had brought a rental car; he could smell the little man's stink before he even got close.
Oliver's greasy smile made Quinn shudder. The man stunk of V as he climbed into the car. Quinn pulled away and drove out to the little dive bar that Oliver had indicated.

"You're late, Oliver"

Oliver smirked and shrugged.

"You'll survive. Queen Beaumont put me in charge, so remember that. I've been in town watching things for a good while and my team is already in place to strike the first fangbaby."

Quinn held back his reaction but made a mental note to call Arabella as soon as this little prick was gone.

"She said you have intelligence for me. I am to make the hits, so there is no connection to her Majesty. You are overstepping yourself, Oliver."

"Oh don't you worry about that, Tiger Boy. Isabel is wrapped around my little finger, and that makes me untouchable. I have a file with the information you will need, just in case my people have difficulty."

He pulled an envelope from his pocket, dropping it on the seat as they pulled into the parking lot. They both got out, and Quinn locked up as they headed inside. They sat at a back booth as Oliver boasted about his people and how the Queen would forget all about Quinn once he had done the job himself. Quinn just listened and waited for the right moment. When he paused to draw in a wheezy breath, Quinn took the opportunity to step to the bar. He returned with two glasses of whiskey. Reaching in his coat, he pulled out a small case. Removing two vials from the case, he smiled as he opened them, pouring the contents into each glass, watching as the glasses fizzed.

"This is a little something a friend came up with in Shreveport. He calls it a 'Vampire's Kiss'. Colloidal silver and sodium bicarbonate in a double shot of whiskey. We'll toast to your success. If you can get the job done, then so be it."

He lifted a glass as Oliver looked at him suspiciously, taking a drink. When Oliver saw him drink it, he grinned and slammed his own glass. Quinn could not help but smile at how easy it had been. Oliver never had been the brightest bulb in the box. He thought carefully before speaking.

"I want your team's number so I can check in with them on their progress."

"Sure, sure. That's no biggie."

He handed Quinn a grease stained slip of paper with a number scrawled on it. Quinn took the paper and slipped it in his pocket. As they got up, Quinn tossed a couple bills on the bar.

"I'll take you back, if you want."

"No need, I'll call one of my people to pick me up."

Quinn nodded as they walked out of the bar. Quinn watched as the drink took it's effect. Oliver was sweating buckets already. He stepped back and watched a moment, then had a thought.

"If you do not mind, call Isabel to let her know how the meeting went."

"Sure, sure...no sweat."

He wiped his greasy hands on his shirt, pulling out his phone and talking on it for a minute. As he spoke, Quinn watched him lean against the wall. Hanging up, he nodded at Quinn.

"Her people will tell her that the meeting went well enough. damn..I don't think that drink is agreeing with me. I'm gonna sit for a few till my stomach settles."

Quinn stepped back a bit more and smirked.

"Oliver, one last thing. You have always been predictable. You reek of the vampire blood in your system."

"Well, I didn't know if you were going to be a problem so I planned ahead."

Quinn chuckled.

"Of course, Oliver. That seems a simple precaution, but the amount in your system is making you stink."

He watched as a trickle of blood ran from the slimy little man's nose. He wiped his forehead again, his face flushed. The wince on his face told Quinn all he needed to know. He stepped back a bit more, leaning against the car as he watched the silver do it's work. As Oliver hit his knees, Quinn chuckled, pulling the number Oliver had given him out and dialing it.

"Oliver gave me your number. I want the location and details for the hit. I want to watch."

He listened as they described the details. He glanced up, watching as Oliver stripped off his shirt, blisters covering his body as the silver reacted with the V in his system. Quinn shook his head. That looked painful. As he hung up the phone, he heard Oliver scream in pain, black stains over his skin as the blisters broke open, blood pouring down his body. He looked up with sightless eyes, his disfigured face twisted into a rictus of pain.

"Dumb shit never thought about what silver does to vampires."

Quinn climbed back into the car, driving past the smoking corpse as he headed to meet with the hit team, laughing.

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