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It All Starts Now

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual It All Starts Now

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Dec 09, 2013 9:21 am

~~ Before Bill's Trip To Texas ~~

Bill had long finished his memoires as he had sent them in weeks ago, after encouragement from his battling mind he had hit send. Although he had not told anyone what he was doing he did not expect anything to come from it. A few weeks later he had been clearing his emails from all of the messages from Isabel Beaumont there was one that caught his eye. As he opened it and scanned it thoroughly he blinked in surprise, a publishing company wanted to publish his work. They would be sending someone over in a few days to speak with Bill about everything. He was truly surprised that they would be willing to publish something from a vampire.

That is what shocked Bill even more.


His work would be published.

It would be his way of showing those around him the real William Compton, that he was not always a vampire. That he was once a human, a soldier of war and that just because he was a vampire now, did not mean that he was still not the same person inside.

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He was Bill Compton

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