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An Engagement

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual An Engagement

Post by Willa Burrell on Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:38 am

Dear Diary

So I get my mail delivered today and in it was an engagement invitation from Lara Sue ….I couldn’t believe it …that fucking bitch sent me a invite…Why on god’s green earth would that stupid bitch send me an engagement invite to my ex-boyfriends wedding!!!!!!The only boyfriend I was allowed to have Ill add …The only one my father would approve of and here I get an invitation to his wedding….I never liked Lara Sue in school and then what happened at my debutant ball …How could she possibly think I would go to her stupid wedding ..More likely to rub it in is why she sent the invite just a lil reminder the she stole my boyfriend….I still havnt opened the whole thing yet, I saw engagement at the top and through it across the room .

(As I stare at it laying there taunting me I write down the whole story of the ball since I never have)

MY ball was so wonderful to start with ..It was huge just like father …everything had to be the best..best flowers ..band…and my dress was unreal ..but I still looked plain jane in it ..but that’s ok because for once my parents were not fighting .They were dancing and having a great time .The father daughter dance was so ..it was just so …everything I thought it would be …I was so happy all my parents focus was on me not anything or anyone .Seeing my mother smile and my father so happy made my night and my first dance with my boyfriend was just the most amazing thing ever… until all hell broke loose. Lara Sue and all her friends showed up, they were invited because all the best families were and soon my ball turned into the Lara Sue show. She was so pretty and witty and just had something everybody else wanted a part of and her father was something my father wanted apart of , so I was left at the side of the road .My boyfriend of 6 months was like see ya and I never danced another dance that night ….

I hated that bitch then and it would seem I have some very strong feelings about her now …Gee I wonder what I could do to lil Lara Sue and her soon to be husband now …

(I grabbed the invitation and look its for this weekend )

And I don’t have a thing to wear…Ill have to get my hair done and I’ll have to talk to Tara to Jess about a dress. Oh my this could be fun .Now that I think of it Ill bring a plus two ..no longer am I the mousy lil girl I was back then .This could be a lot of fun three girls out on the town ..looking good…paying a couple of old friends some attention ….show them the attention I never got at my ball….

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