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Christmas Time Again

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Christmas Time Again

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Fri Dec 20, 2013 3:15 pm

Jason Stackhouse did not even know where to begin? He had tried calling Violet's cell hundreds of times and all he got was her voice mail as he left another message for her to call him. She had been acting all weird lately and he was sure it was because he had come home covered in blood and told her it was Jessica's because she was attacked.

Violet did not like that at all.

Accusing him of betraying her even after he explained that he had gone to clear things up, lying that he had gone to tell her that he was with her now. But Violet saw right through him and just left without a word. She was punishing him, she had to be. She wouldn't just leave without saying anything to him.

As he parked his truck along the gravel driveway of his sister Sookie's house as he glanced up at the windows to see all the lights were out. Jason thought she would have been home, he had dropped by Merlotte's and Sam said that she wasn't working tonight. As he grabbed his parcel from next to him as he hopped out of his truck as he darted towards the front door.

"SOOKS!" he bellowed as he banged on the door "SOOKIE!" he screamed again.

Nothing to be heard, not even a mouse.

"SOOKIE YOU HERE?" he screamed.

Still nothing.

Deciding that she would get his parcel as he left it on the front porch and turned to leave, he would drop by another time. He needed to know what she was doing for Christmas lunch.

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