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Party On Wayne

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Party On Wayne

Post by Willa Burrell on Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:45 pm

Well I just got back from Lara Sue’s engagements party and what a party it was….

(Laughing so much I start hiccupping)

So Jess and Tara didn’t come so I mastered my courage and went all by myself, I’m so proud of myself. I went shopping in the afternoon and bought the shortest dress I could find .It was a dark brown suede halter mini dress and I found  these high heel dark brown suede boots to go with it and when I mean high I mean high . If I didn’t have vampire poise I would have fallen on my ass and slid across the room .

(Giggling imagining myself walking into the party and falling on my ass)

So I put this ridiculous dress and boots on which really made me look Pam hot, ordered my limo and hit the road. I got to the party late just to make my grand vampire entrance which I really didn’t think anyone knew I was a vamp .But I guess I was wrong because shit did I ever make an enterance.I guess they weren’t really expecting me to come at all. I walk in and everyone stops talking, the music slowly stops and everyone turns to look at me in all my glowing gorgeous vampire beauty. Mouths dropped open, foods fell out of those mouths and hands alike .Then the whispers started , didn’t they realize with being a vampire comes with special powers like great hearing .I loved it …”what’s she doing here “…Was she even invited”…”Oh my god look at her.. she is gorgeous” …”Oh no Lara Sue better watch out “…and so on …I was in my element …I loved it ….It couldn’t have been a better entrance if Scarlet O’Hara did it herself…
I walked inside and wasn’t everyone so nice to me I was so surprised so many knew, I mean I put extra makeup to try and hide the paleness that comes with being what I am but I guess word gets around . I had people from high school and collage coming up to me that I didn’t even know and who actually bullied me talking to me and playing their part .It made me sick but I played right along with them even though I would have rather killed the lot of them just for being who they were way back then . After I talked to half the room I got around to my ex and Lara Sue, I think they were avoiding me go figure …

(Giggling so much I drop my pen and almost my wine glass of True Blood)

I finally get up to my ex Greg and he grabs me and gives me this huge hug and squeezes so tight and god damn if his hand doesn’t travel down to my butt . So I let it …Neener….Neener Lara Sue ….Bitch….

(Giggling again)

He finally lets me go and goes on about how much he has missed me and how much we need to get together, as friends of coarse, and catch up. All this time I was looking at Lara Sue and she was seething mad …I mean pissed off… her face was getting redder and redder .So I totally played into it ..Telling him how much I missed him and yes we do need to get together, I even rubbed up against him and put my arm around him when I pretended to lose my balance ….

(Laughing so hard True Blood comes out my nose)

So we made plans to see each other next week so we can catch up and Lara Sue won’t mind because she has so much wedding stuff to do she will be way too busy to join us .

(Giggling again)

At first all I wanted to do was kill them all …rip head off and hearts out but I think this way will be so much more fun ……

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