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Merry Christmas to Me

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Merry Christmas to Me

Post by Willa Burrell on Sun Dec 29, 2013 2:55 pm

So I just got back from my mothers’ and step fathers, being alone at Christmas sucks ass.

(Tossing my bag on my bed)

At least waking up Christmas night alone was better than Christmas morning .My mother and step father were over Christmas evening and well that was just totally fun ….

(Grabbing a True Blood and gulping it down)

I love mother but I have this problem still about her breaking my father’s heart and with that causing my incarceration for all those years. And I really can’t help hating her for that ,she knew what father was doing and she didn’t lift a finger to help me .She didn’t have to leave she could have chose me instead of him ,she could have had him on the side until I was older, but she didn’t and it makes me so fucking mad….

(As blood tears hit the paper and the bottle shatters in my hand)
(No fucking way …I’m not going there tonight, I thought)

I have a surprise for myself tonight during my mother’s visit so she can see that I’m fine and I’m not moving back , no way am I moving back .She is soooooo worried that I’m all alone so now she can see that I won’t be ,in about an hour my lil black and white Persian kitten will be here .She is the runt of the litter and barley fit into my hand a week ago at 5 weeks of age ,all fluff and eyes .Oh I can’t wait ….

(Cleaning up the house I put out all the kitten things I bought everywhere for the new ball for fur)

(My mother and step father come and go without much incident just a lil begging about me moving home and about 20 mins later my baby shows up missing my mother ….. thank god...she would have scrunched the poor thing)

With kitten here and my mother and step father gone , thank god they didn’t stay longer .I had to replay the whole vampire detention scare, how I almost died, how the king saved us, how I could be in the sun then not, and finally how I lost my Eric. It was so upsetting and draining .It would have been a dreadful Christmas evening all around but for my lil kitten .She is exceptional in all her Persian self. She already thinks she runs the house and that’s no small feat for someone who is the size of a small rat.

Once my so called parents left, the only ones I have left, the kitten and I started checking out her toys , cat trees and some treats. And during the whole time she didn’t stop meowing once .Come to think of it she hadn’t stopped meowing since she got here .Maybe she is hungry, so I fed her …still meowing…took her to the lil kittens room and she went and…. still meowing ….Well it was getting close to dawn so I figured she must be tired and I was a little tired myself so we got ready for bed and got into my day space with a little area I had made just for her so she could get in and out .Buy the time we got all snug she meowed the whole time and believe it or nor the whole time she was going to sleep I couldn’t believe it .I was starting to get the bleeds before the lil lovely kitten was finally asleep..... so for lack for a better name …its ….Miss Meow.

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