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Moving will be sweet

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Moving will be sweet

Post by Willa Burrell on Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:26 am

I  Cant believe Tara asked me to come and move into the cabin with her and her her fur babies.

(Little Miss Meow gave and inquisitive look and meowed to Willa. Willa looks down from her leather couch and scratched lil Meow on the head,picks her up and plops her on the couch beside her .   “Lil Miss Meow we are moving can you believe it ?”   she says as she grabs Miss Meow and swings her softly back and forth as Miss Meow give Willa a sharp meow in complaint.   “ Oh don't like that lil one Im sorry .”   she purrs and kisses her head as she puts her down on the blanket on the couch .Miss Meow walks her lil walk when she gets mad , gives Willa a dirty look and meows to herself as she gets comfy ans settles down . Willa goes back to her writing and her morning true blood )

When Tara told me I could come home ....home...Home I havent had one really since mother left . Once she betrayed father ,chose a vampire who father hated the most , and left us my life turned upside down . I became my fathers prisoner a person to be kept and  locked up not a daughter to be loved and kept safe . I hated both of them for that , her for not loving me enough to stay or take me with and him for not loving me enough to trust me or even get to know me . My whole life Ive been locked up , watched and guarded.Well not anymore.Ill Be FREE!!!!

( Willa squealed with joy when she wrote that and clapped her hands like a 5 yr old grade school child.She put her hand over her mouth with a huge smile on her face and looks around the room to see if anyone was looking and picks up her pen )

I promise myself on this day before I move into my future with Tara , Fangtasia and my new found freedom that I will learn all I can from Tara and Jessica (when she is around).I will be the best damn partner and the best damn vampire I can and I will make Eric proud !!!!!

(With that she closed her diary ,with a huge smile on her face and huge smile in her heart and went to get dressed for the day ....Willa was going to be free to be what she wanted , when she wanted and how ever she wanted ..it was going to be a great adventure...now only if she can keep her rage in check .....

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