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Thinking of my Maker

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Thinking of my Maker

Post by Willa Burrell on Wed Jan 22, 2014 11:15 am

I can’t believe I’m actually here, it’s so wonderful to be in a place where I’m wanted but not caged. Tara seems really happy I’m here and really happy to have someone to share her life with now that Pam is gone. I still hate to see her so unhappy about Pam she still loves her so much and it hurts her so. She misses her so much more then I miss Eric I didn’t think that was possible, I guess it comes from spending so much more time with Pam then I got to spend with Eric. God I miss Eric more then I missed anyone, I still can’t believe he left me without any care with what it would do to me or any of us.

(Willa drank the last of her true blood and started to think about what Tara had said yesterday. She had reread what she had written and wiped tears from her eyes and starts to write again)

I started to read his journals and getting to know him better. He doesn’t care for much but what he does care about he cares for deeply, and he is loyal and true. So was I just not as lucky as Pam? Just not worthy to be cared for by the great Eric Northman ????Was I just a pawn in his plan to save Nora and Pam ???It would seem so, he got what he wanted then he left. I wasn’t even allowed his blood bond .If I would have known then what I know now I would have demanded it before helping him and his so called family.

Why am I always getting used for others purposes then caged for later or just thrown away left to my own devices to live or die ? Eric just left me in that place to die all he cared about was getting Nora out, I know she had a bad case of hep-v but come on he left me .He knew what could happen to us and he just left us there to fend for ourselves .I could just kill Tara for bringing him to the front of my mind I was doing pretty good keeping him on the backburner .

Eric my maker what it really comes down to is I miss him ….I need him. I say I can learn all I need from Tara and this other man Bill set me up with but to be honest nothing matches your maker. That is why Tara is so messed up about Pam and me as well about Eric. We are only children in the vampire world .If real trouble came for us we could be in a whole world of hurt, it’s good we have guards but I would never admit that to Tara she would go bonkers. She thinks the guards are to make sure I’m not doing anything wrong little does she know that they are here to protect us. Bill doesn’t know I know but I do that Texas wants war and with Tara and I being so close to Bill and Eric makes us targets .So whether Tara likes it or not she is being followed just like me I just know it  and I have to tell her . How I wish Eric and Pam were home if they were they would be all protection we would need but asking for that is like asking for it to rain ice-cream ,it will never happen .

(Willa closes her diary then goes to find Tara they had allot to talk about but first she wanted to see the new house .She needed something happy right about now)

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