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Threat resolved and a warning

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual Threat resolved and a warning

Post by John Quinn on Wed Jan 29, 2014 8:49 pm

Quinn was just about to finish his run, figuring that Arabella would have either gone back to her rooms for the night or have made arrangements to return to Compton's estate. As he turned, something in the wind caught his attention. The scent was like a vampire but mixed with something else. He thought carefully and knew that he was nowhere near the areas that were patrolled by his vampire guards. There should be nothing but were in this part of the property. He followed the scent cautiously until he came across a source. It seemed to be a vampire but was in the daze. The black streaks crisscrossing the vampire skin told him everything he needed to know. He couldn't risk giving this thing time to get close to anyone else. He had to put this thing down himself.

As he circled wide, he noticed that this creature was not nearly as unaware as at first it seemed. This could be challenging if it was fully aware of his presence. He sank low to the ground, waiting and watching as this diseased creature shambled between the trees. As he watched, a raven flew past the creature and was snatched out of the air. As the creature fed on its prize, Quinn reassessed the situation. This thing was fast and clearheaded or not was dangerous as well. He needed to be more tactical, and less feral. He moved back a few hundred yards, shifting back to his true form, and looked around for something to use. He was about to move back further when he saw it. There were the young tree, still as flexible as a sapling, but with the first spikes of true branches sticking out from it. He pulled free some of the parasitic vines from so the other trees and built a makeshift trip line and connected it to the tree. He carefully bent the young tree as far as he dared, hoping it would have enough momentum. All he needed now was bait for the trap. He knew exactly what to use. He brought his arm up and scraped it along the sharp tip of one of the branches on his trap, letting his blood fall across its. He knew enough to know that the scent of his blood would be too much for this creature to ignore. He just had to hope for his trap to hit its mark properly. If it did not, he would have to do it himself.

Quinn fell back in the woods until he was barely in line of sight. Shifting back to his Tiger form improved his vision but unfortunately carried the foul scent of that creature to him as well. He watched and waited as the creature, he refused to call it a vampire anymore, picked up the scent of his blood and wondered toward the source. As it crossed the trip line, the trap did its work but the angle was incorrect. The creature was pinned against a large pine tree by the embedded branching from the sapling. Quinn knew he had to move fast because that would not hold this creature very long. As he bound forward toward his target, he was amused to note that the creature was actually licking the blood off the trap and was distracted. He knew his normal tactics could not be used as the saying was obviously infected and he would not risk bringing that to anyone. He began picking up speed as he ran toward the creature, aiming for the opening just beyond the tree it was pinned to. As he tore past, he lashed out with one paw, his claws severing the neck and spine before he passed beyond it. He circled around to make sure his job was done just in time to see the head tumble from the shoulders and the creature dissolved into a grisly mass against the tree.

He looked around, gaining his bearings, and headed for the lake. He knew that his people had put contact points at the lake at around the property and he needed to dispose of what was left of that creature quickly. Once he located the lake, he dove in, watching the blood away that had gotten on his fur and paw. Once he was sure there was none of the creature left on him he padded his way back to the contact point. Returning to his natural form, he called for a team and explains to them were the remains were. He told them expressly that there were to be no vampires in the team that was sent. He would not risk his people been infected, and they were to take full precautions. They were to secure and burn 10 meters around that tree and everything inside that perimeter. He would not risk that foul thing contaminating his property.

Quinn returned to his more feral self and raced back toward the house. Truce or not, Compton needed to know that there may be infected vampires in the area. He would not bother trying to contact Compton directly, but hoped at least his guards were smart enough to tell him of this potential threat. Once back inside, he showered and scrubbed himself raw before allowing himself near anyone. Once he was properly dressed again, he returned to his office, noticing the Arabella's door was shut. When he arrived at his desk, there was a message that the remains and the area around it had been scorched and a dig crew would be coming during the day to remove the contaminated dirt. He smiled, satisfied that this threat at least was dealt with. He contacted Tolvin and had him brief all security staff on HepV protocols. He then contacted Compton's security gate and notified them of the potential issue. He was not that worried for Compton's welfare, but Jessica, Brianna, and Arabella would all be in his home in the very near future and he did care about their welfare. He would not let petty pride get in the way of keeping them safe.

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