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Texan Vamps

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual Texan Vamps

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:29 am

"You all, everybody...You all, everybody...Acting like you're stupid people. Wearing expensive clothes" Jason bellowed as the radio blasted in the background.

Some French band that was just starting to get around, although Jason couldn't remember the name their name. Drive...something or another.

"You all, everybody...You all, everybody...You all, everybody" he sang along to the words.

The faint cracking of his radio broke through as he turned the radio down as he grabbed his radio from the dock.

"Stackhouse....Talk to me" as he clicked off.

'Stackhouse. Get your butt to the church. We got another vamp attack'

"Another one? Texan?" he spoke into the radio.

'Well why don't I ask Mr Fowler is he was Texan? He is dead Stackhouse. Get your ass over here!'

"Christ I am coming" Jason grumbled as he slid his radio into his holster as he grabbed his gun and a set of keys for his police truck.

What was it with these Texan vamps? Jason had noticed that there seemed to be a lot more in the area now days. There was only one person that would know, as he slid into his truck and pulled out his phone as he quickly typed Jessica a message figuring it was better this way;

'Jess. Texan vamps moving into town. They killed Mr Fowler. What the heck is going on? J' and hit send.

Something was going on...and it was big.

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