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New Guards and Why ?

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual New Guards and Why ?

Post by Willa Burrell on Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:49 am

( Willa climbs the stairs to her room very tired but comfortable with her new guards .She gets to her room and is greeted by Miss Meow with several little meows and rubs to her legs . She reaches down and give her some scrubs on the head while she puts down her True Blood and looks for her diary . She takes her clothes off and puts her robe on and gets comfortable on her couch in her sitting room, her little kitten jumps on her lap and gets comfortable too. She opens her diary and looks through it .She reads the last entry and thinks to herself.   “ I had to do what I had to do to get the extra guards for Tara and I…She will be so mad …She will just have to get over it .”   She picks up her favorite pen and starts to write on the next page  )

Well Bill came though the extra guards are here and at the bar a total of fifteen new guards ,ten at the bar and five here . Jack has given them their orders here and Steve at the bar I only hope it’s enough ,I saw two more new faces at the bar to night .I pointed them out to Steve and he went up to them to question them but they said they were just looking for work so he sent them to the foreman .I checked with Gary afterward and they gave their names and said they will be sending their resume in tomorrow ,so we will have to see if they do . If they do I will be forwarding those to Bill so he can check them out ,I informed Gary that if any other workers showed up like that again all resumes should be sent to Bill for a full check instead of normal checks we have been doing. It’s getting weird more and more vamps are coming out of the wood work since Fangtasia is getting closer and closer to completion .Now I don’t know if it’s just because they are getting excited for it to reopen or if it has to do with the war .I have heard all the whispering that goes on between these vamps and they just seem as in the dark as everyone else about the war and just as confused .They seem scared as well it might be a good thing to have the bar open to give these poor souls something to do other then  think about the upcoming war, I know it would do me some good.

I’m constantly thinking about it ,when is it going to start and who it is going to effect the most . I know Bill and his family for sure but what about everyone else are we just collateral damage ? Are we just going to be in the way ? Are we going to be used as bargaining chips for the Queen ? And what if she finds out who Tara and I are that could be very bad for us ,the one time we need really our makers and they aren’t here.Jack swore to me that he would never let anything hurt us and I do believe him but human guards up against a league of vampires doesn’t really make an equal fight .That stupid Queen why doesn’t she just stay in her own state ? Why does she want what’s not hers ? I mean she was given this post by Godric ,for all purposes my grandfather, who was a just and a great ruler .Where does she come off ruling like this making Godric look like he chose wrong .Why would Godric choose a crazy person to rule after him ? There has to be some underlying issue with her and Bill ,Godric wouldn’t choose her just so she could  go all I’m Queen of everything I’m taking over Louisiana .There has to be something else in their past that has lead up to this .Who would know of Bills past ?Who would know of the Queens past ?So many questions but the one the plays with my mind the most is why ,why is this war happening ?

( Willa drinks the last of her True Blood and puts her diary down then gets ready for her  morning sleep .As she gets ready she has the last thought of why ,there is always the why. )

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