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Tigers can't change their stripes


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Sexual Re: Tigers can't change their stripes

Post by Tijgerian on Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:52 pm

She felt him guiding her zipper down, her own hunger growing as he took his time and halted. She looked up into his eyes and saw his hesitation growing, seeing his confusion. It was different and unexpected. She furrowed her brows and listened to his suggestion that they stop. She pulled away from him, covering her shoulders back up and zipping her dress as he spoke about how badly he wanted this but could not do it if it only meant a night of passion. How stupid had she been to think! How weak had she been! She had caved to him and let her guard down for the briefest of moments, and he disappointed her. She shook her head and held her hand up.

"Don't explain. I get it. It's fine. You did me a favor, really. So thank you." She put her emotions back in check and backed away from him. Turning away from him to grab her keys, she clutched them tightly, ignoring the pain of them digging into her palm. When he attempted to stop her she shook her head and stepped away from him. "NO! Don't...just don't." She passed him and ignored whatever he had to say.

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John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual Re: Tigers can't change their stripes

Post by John Quinn on Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:07 am

Quinn watched her pull herself together and storm toward the front. He called after her but she was not listening. Damn that woman could be complicated at times. He tried to show her that he had changed, that he wanted more than just to screw and leave. She could probably frustrate a priest to the point of violence. He stormed back to the deck, trying to think things through.

He watched as she drove away, once again. He felt the growl deep in his throat and kicked the table as the sound ripped from his throat, sending the table smashing through the side of the deck and ending up as kindling on the ground below the deck. He threw back his head and screamed once, then began to calm himself. He called for one of the guards and had them get someone to clean up the mess he had made. He needed to de-stress. He stripped off the rest of his clothing and went for a run, he needed to be alone with his thoughts now.

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