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Stepping things up.

Arabella Trillo
Arabella Trillo

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Sexual Stepping things up.

Post by Arabella Trillo on Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:26 am

Arabella was driving herself to frustration. Arabella had been cut off from everyone. Brianna refused to train with her. Jonathan was not returning her calls, though bitterly she admitted that part did not surprise her. Now she had to go and talk to the king about finding something else for her to do. She had to figure out how to spin this so it looked positive....and she would not break her promise to Brianna. No matter Brianna's view on things, she would not tell the King of her indiscretion. As she thought to Beth and Cassia last night, she had to admit she would have no place to say anything about anyone sleeping with security staff. She smiled at that. At least she knew Cassia was happier now that she had someone to do things with during the daylight hours. She walked to the door of her office and looked in at the spartan decor it now had. She had not bothered replacing things when they were damaged, just got rid of them. She did not exactly ask to use this office, she just kind of took over so didn't fell right about telling them to replace things. She wanted to at least make peace with Brianna but knew that was futile..and probably would be for a few decades. Opening the door, she informed the guard that she would like a brief meeting with the King when it was convenient. She had to have something to do or it would drive her crazy staying in this house.

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