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Delivery Boy

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual Delivery Boy

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:09 am

~~~ Bill's Personal Guard ~~~
~~~ Dexter's POV ~~~

Dexter, the King's personal advisor and own guard had been sent on another one of the King's errands. Dexter had made it clear to the King that he was not a delivery boy and he was surprised the King did not rip his head off instantly but his mood had been more sullen these last few days. Although Dexter was not surprised at all due to the loss of the King's youngest progeny. He had not had many dealings with her himself but he heard from the other guards that she was quite the character. The mansion had certainly been quiet and it was not something that he was used to.

Putting his foot on the gas as he turned off down the dirt road that led to his destination - John Quinn. Dexter had only ever spoken to him a few times and did not see what everyone found off putting about him. Watching as the trees cloaked over blocking his view partially as he cast a quick glance to the passenger seat next to him and looked over the letter and the fine penmanship of the name written on the envelope.

As Dexter broke through the clearing as he soon spotted guards standing at their post as he was instantly stopped.

"I am sorry sir but I am afraid that I am going to have to ask you to leave" one of the guard directed to him.

"My name is Dexter. I work for the King of Louisiana, I am here on urgent business and must speak with John Quinn. It is important business" he told the guard.

"I cannot let you through sir. Not without proper identification and clearance. Mr Quinn is not seeing anyone" he barked.

Dexter grumbled and muttered some obscenity as he reached for the letter and handed it to the guard. 

"Give this to Mr Quinn. It is of great importance that he gets this. For his eyes only" Dexter ordered.

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Without another word Dexter back his car out of the swooping guards and began making his way back to the King's estate. Another job ticked off his list. Only several more to do.

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