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Ghost in the machine

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual Ghost in the machine

Post by John Quinn on Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:35 am

Quinn was holding the envelope quietly, looking at it. Vincent said it was delivered by one of Compton's men the evening before he got home. He looked at the handwriting on the envelope and though carefully. He looked over to the TV area and chuckled as Rajat bounced on the couch, watching cartoons. He slid a single finger under the edge of the envelope and pulled the letter free. He did not have to guess who wrote it. He knew the handwriting. As he slowly read the letter, he felt a tear escape his eye and smiled. He let his mind wander a moment, amused that he heard her voice when he read it.

"Why you crying, Mr John?"

His head jerked up to see Rajat standing before him, a look of concern on his face.

"It's nothing, Rajat. I received a letter from a friend who died recently. The memory made me sad a moment but that is past now. Are your cartoon's over?"

"Nope. They commercials are boring and I'm hungry."

Quinn laughed, ruffling Rajat's hair.

"Then why don't we go see what we can find. Vincent said he made sure we would have anything you wanted, but remember, when mommy calls, we have to behave well. We don't need you too wired up when you talk to her and we do not want her to worry"

Quinn laughed as Rajat pulled on his arm, tugging him toward the kitchen

"Then we need to hurry. Transformers comes on in ten minutes!"

He pocketed the letter and laughed again, following Rajat as they went to raid the fridge.

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