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Saying goodbye to the past

Arabella Trillo
Arabella Trillo

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Sexual Saying goodbye to the past

Post by Arabella Trillo on Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:23 am

Arabella smiled as she signed the last letter. She looked over them carefully.

Saying goodbye to the past Letter10Saying goodbye to the past Letter11Saying goodbye to the past Letter12Saying goodbye to the past Letter13

She sealed each one in the proper envelope and smiled. Picking up the stack, she walked down the hall. She set the letter to the King on his desk and left the office without a word. She tucked the letter to Jessica in the corner of her bedroom door. Then she went to find Dexter. When she found him, he stood quickly.

"May I help you, Miss Trillo?"

"Yes, Dexter. I have a favor to ask. I need these letters delivered discreetly and would appreciate if you would handle it personally. One is to Jonathan, to be delivered to his home, and the other is for Willa Burrell at Fangtasia night club."

She handed the letters to Dexter and smiled as he looked at the addresses.

"Of course, Miss Trillo. It would be my honor."

She smiled and nodded to him then went to make sure Cassia had everything packed and ready for the trip.

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