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Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Post by Bill Compton on Tue Mar 04, 2014 2:14 pm

After his talk with Arabella everything seemed to be in a whole new light for Bill Compton. It was as though he had been given a fresh start on life, seemingly it seemed like he had been getting a lot of those lately in his immortal life. But he would not mess this one up again, he could not risk that he would loose Kiara for good this time. But deep down he knew that he had a choice to make but right now he tried to push that to the back of his mind. No matter how much he knew that he needed to take a deep consideration of making a choice for the both of them that he knew in time he would regret.

But he had put Kiara through so much that he could not do it any more, he could not keep risking her life for his own personal mistakes. He had done so much to her and yet she still found it in her heart to forgive him every single time. But he would not allow her to keep doing that, he would find her and make sure that she was safe and well. Then he would make a choice then and there, he knew that she would fight for him but in the end he would be the one to make the decision that would save her life from any more heart break.

Sitting in his castle of an office, his domain that had become his sanctuary of late as he tried to evaluate everything in his life. Now with Isabel gone and the war ended he knew that it would only be a matter of time before another vampire in the Texan domain would attempt to rise to power. But for now he would look over Texas as his own kingdom although he would never been seen as King. For now he would do what he could to keep the peace between both states, he would take it open himself to find a new regent to watch over wise-fully and carefully under his guidance.

His first thought drew up Eric Northman, but he was no longer an option with his current status was dead. It was only then that Bill became to realize that even in his current state he remained calm. But deep down inside of him was a whirlwind of emotions brewing, fighting to get to the surface. Distracted for a moment as he heard a knock at the door as he glanced up from his computer screen.

"Enter" he called swiftly, knowing the knock to signal his personal guard Dexter.

As on cue, his guard entered and bowed swiftly.

"Your majesty. I hate to disturb you but I have a delivery for you" Dexter spoke directly to him as he walked over to his desk and handed him an envelope.

Accepting the envelope as Dexter vacated the office leaving Bill alone as he opened the envelope and found a small disk inside as he frowned curiously as he opened up his hard-dive and placed the small disk inside as he allowed it to load up.


Bill's mind was swarming with emotions, but they were not directed at Kiara but himself. He had allowed himself to become distracted, he had taken his eye off the ball and now Kiara was paying the price again.

"DEXTER!" Bill bellowed.

Moments later Dexter appeared once again.

"Have my vehicle bought round. I am vacating the estate for a few hours. I shall alert upon my return. No guards. Understood?" he snapped.

Dexter did not need telling twice as he left the office to act upon Bill's commands as Bill watched the last few seconds of the tape.

“A pity… I would treasure such loyalty, even from a wolf”

Bill hit pause on the video as he instantly recognized the background....Kiara's home. Without another word Bill closed down his screen as he swiftly vacated his office heading to the waiting vehicle parked out front.

He would find Kiara, and he would try to make things right. But still in the back of his mind, a decision was to be made. But he knew that he would have to do this calmly, dead calmly.

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