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A normal morning...

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual A normal morning...

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Fri Mar 07, 2014 9:31 am

Lafayette was getting ready for his work day he hoped Sam had looked over the resumes of the new cooks he gave him last week cuz he wasn’t about to do doubles much longer .As he took sips of his coffee out on the porch while smoking his morning splif he decided if Sam wasn’t up to the interviews he would take charge himself and interview the motha fuckers .Sam’s mind hadn’t been on business since Nicole got preggers and he was paying the price ,workin doubles and for what nothing that’s for what .

He finished his coffee and his splif then went back inside to get dressed bitchin to himself the whole way .He puts on his favorite pair of kaki pants , a green tank top with his due rag ,throws some make up on for good measure with number 46 coral lipstick for a nice lip shine and he was off .Traveling at well over the speed limit like everything he does,he races to work smoking another splif for good measure cuz he’s gonna need it for another a busy morning .As he drives up he looks around and he’s the first to arrive so he opens up the bar and heads in .

He turns on all the lights and starts up the grill ,fryers and stoves to warm them up for a busy day ,he goes to the bar and pours himself a little drink and sits down before he starts prep work .Waiting for someone else to come in he thinks on his accidental meeting with Miss Burrell ...

“ She was something all right ..never met a vamp that cared what humans thought for felt ...I wonder if it was all  bullshit or for real...she seemed for real and she did get shut the hell down and fast too she wasn’t open 2 weeks and they booted her ass out...interesting though...very interesting...and she heard bout me ...thats interesting too...whos that’s girl maker I wonder...did he shut her down ...she said the powers that be ...I gots to talk to that bitch some more ...”

He got up took his drink and went to do his prep work for the day .Chopping ,mixing,grating and grinding consumed most of the morning while the others came in one at a time for their shift .He wondered while prepping if Tara knew Miss Burrell seemed all those vamps knew each other ,he made a mental note to himself to ask Tara about Miss Burrell but once the bar opened Lafayette didn’t have much time to think about anything except cooking ...

A normal morning... Large

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