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Return to sender

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual Return to sender

Post by John Quinn on Sat Mar 08, 2014 11:07 am

Quinn walked out to the gates for his weekly chat for the guards. Since Tolvin was not here, he felt that he needed to be a bit more hands-on for the moment. He knocked on the door and heard them unlock it. As he entered, they handed him a cup of coffee and began telling him about the week. He smiled when they said no vampires had been seen in the area, and no problems needed to be dealt with.

"You shoulda seen that guy though. The one that came from the 'king'. His eyes about bugged out of his head when we wouldn't let him in. He kept saying he was the "king's right hand' and stuff. He finally gave us that letter and stormed back to his car...boy was his face red....shoulda smacked him for acting so hoity-toity around us. We ain't the king to grovel...'specially around a vampire who plays at being som' royal bigshot."

Quinn rolled his eyes.

"Duncan, next time just send for me. Dexter is a bit uptight, but he is an OK guy with an unfortunate job. He is not that different from you guys."

Duncan sneered as they all lounged around, talking.

"Yea...guess so...but at least I ain't got no gimp arm. You'd think his 'master' would have helped him with that. Guess it doesn't pay to work for 'royalty'."

"Next time just send for me, Duncan."

He watched Duncan scan the monitors and smirk.

"Should I still call you if you're here when he comes? That's the car he drove last time. Looks like he is comin' back...

Quinn watched the car drive up to the gate. He walked out to greet Dexter and was met with coldness as Dexter handed him another letter. As he opened the envelope, he was amused to see that Compton had the audacity to use the mark of the Authority for his personal correspondence. Was he really that insecure?
Return to sender Letter11

He asked Dexter to come into the guard stand and wait. He watched as Duncan offered him a cup of coffee and could not help chuckling at Dexter's response...
"I do not expect anything nor require anything from the likes of two bit weasels that do not have a brain cell between you"

As Quinn finished the letter, he walked in and went to the slide-desk. He pulled out a pen and wrote a simple response to Compton's letter. As he finished it, he handed it to Dexter and nodded.
Return to sender Letter10
"Thank you for waiting, Dexter. This is to be delivered into your Master's hands directly."

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