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Who is Lafayette Reynolds

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Who is Lafayette Reynolds

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Sat Mar 08, 2014 8:13 pm

Lafayette was born into a family whose heritage was based on witchcraft. His great-great grandmother was a practitioner of magic and is assumed that Lafayette has a natural affinity for magic.His mother is  an erratic personality believed to have a mental disorder but really she is a medium that has no control over her abilities. Lafayette had to look after his mother his whole young life much like his cousin Tara had to look after her mother.Both children had hard lives growing up and that made them grow closer .

By seventeen Lafayette had come out of the closet to everyone except his mother but once she heard she kicked her son out into the world.On his own Lafayette had to become the king of hard knocks and started by becoming his own boss.By twenty he became a very flamboyant, charismatic gay man. By partaking in very illegal activities he prostituted himself, sold various drugs,and had his own pornographic website, he made a very good living .But in doing so the tax man had his eye on him so Lafayette had to eventually get what is known as a real job  .So at twenty one he got his first real jobs at Merlottes Bar running tables and washing dishes in the beginning and building over the years to top order cook .

While the nature of his abilities aren’t well known to him he does have very strong mystical powers in his own right mixed with the demonic  power that was transferred to from Jesus, Lafayette is a force to be reckoned with .One of his main abilities is a  medium, allowing him to see and communicate with the spirits of the deceased.Another which is more troublesome then it’s worth is allowing spirits to possess him ,taking control of his body more often against his will.And then there is being like his cousin, he has a physical side and is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter but because he is gay, people tend to underestimate him.

Lafayette takes care of his loved ones, no matter what strange problems they have. He has been though allot tin his life and that has made him suspicious . Although partaking in very illegal activities, he's a good person at heart . He just knows how to have a good time, and he likes to make sure everyone else around him is having as much fun as he is. Though some people underestimate his toughness, he's not afraid to stand up to anyone who mocks him. If you want to share your clothes and trade makeup tips with someone he’s your man .
All these things and more  make LaLa who he is ...

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