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Dear Diary...

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Dear Diary...

Post by Willa Burrell on Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:18 pm

(As Willa gets home from another good night at Fangtasia she realizes that she hadn’t unpacked the blood and blood wine she pilfered from the bar .It was all still sitting packed in the big cooler down stairs she gets up from her favorite chair and goes down stairs with Miss Meow at her heels .As she unpacks she catalogs all that is there and goes down to the little wine cellar in the new house’s basement ,it had just enough room for the stolen bounty .Uncorking a bottle of Louis Quierue #56 then pouring herself a glass with a smile on her face she holds it up and cheers to Eric and Pam then goes back to unpacking. Once finished putting away the blood she leaves the list on the little shelf so both her and Tara would know where each bottle was when wanted and her and Miss Meow head back upstairs with bottle and glass in hand.

Back upstairs she takes out her diary and lays on her bed to write ...)

I never thought in a million years that actually I would enjoy being at Fangtasia without being at the Excellence ...its weird ...I look over there all the time but its different every day ...since I got the letter from Miss Trillo my out look had changed ..I see time differently ...its like my life had gotten longer ..I knew I had a long life ahead of me but I was still thinking about the now not the ....10 or 20 or 50 years ahead of me ...my concept my be to soon for now but say in 10 yrs ..will Eric and Pam still feel the same way ?

And what about this Lafayette character ..he was very interesting ...very interesting indeed...I knew I had seen him before and it was back in high school when we use to skip school and go to Merlottes.. he worked there ...I would very much like to talk with him again he seemed different ...there was for sure something different about that ..man..I do wonder if Tara knows him ...well she has to she worked at Merlotts before Fangtasia ...I wonder if she will set us up for another meeting ...maybe dinner or something ...I don’t know why but he does intrigue me ...

A human friend wouldn’t Eric and Pam hit the roof on that one ..”Humans are for food and food only” ...they would say ...and then they would more then likely go do something to poor Lafayette ..I can never let them know I’m talking to Lafayette ..if he will even talk to me ...can vampire and human even be friends ...I heard Bill had Sookie as a lover ...so why can’t I have a human friend ...never had many growing up just the three really and they only lasted through two years of high school dear old dad made sure of that ...he always made sure I stayed so close to him that I was never allowed to get close to anyone else ...and all I have is Tara now it would be nice to have another friend ... that settles it Im gonna try my hardest to be friends with Lafayette whether he wants me to or not ...

(Willa with a huge smile on her face closes her diary and turns on her back and stretches .She is happy that she is going to try to befriend Lafayette hoping he needed a new friend too, not knowing just how hard that might be .She gets up and gets ready got bed humming the whole time ,she hasn’t been this happy in a long time .As her head hit the pillow she thinks things are finally going her way ,she feels better thanks to Miss Trillo and she has the opportunity to make a new friend so she fell into dead sleep with a smile on her face..)

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